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Well they may of slowed bit torrent but the sharing continues....


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Well they may feel like with piratebay getting shut down, They may of finally slowed the file sharing network. Oh how wrong they are. There is a new trend that more and more are finding.

There are countless websites that allow the free uploading and downloading of files. Megaupload being the best at this point and time. Free to upload, Free to download.

Now there are forums all over the place that offer links to these type of Files placed in storage on Lots of different free online storage websites.  So Now they just drove file sharing deeper underground, Makes it super hard to track down who is downloading what, Who is uploading what. As well prove you downloaded a file knowing it was this movie, that program, While this is still wrong and I don't condone it, And No I will not provide any links, It just goes to show, It will never be stopped, In fact it may grow worse. 

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i agree...i've recently been searching for reviews on movies and i've come across countless forums dedicated to distributing games, and movies, programs, etc. its going to get worse and worse because the "authorities" are trying way to hard and doing things via force instead of finding a better way to try and fix this.

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