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Unsafe credit card's


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Rant mode on......

So our canadian credit cards were made nice and safe with a "contact chip" and pin number needed for transactions.

So now the a-holes have added one of those RFID 'paypass' chips in it(to go with the contact chip). And I can't find The damn RFID in it, since it may now be really tiny, instead of the older large flat style, or else it's incorporated into the contact chip.

Anyone got one and successfully disabled the RFID? I can't nuke it, since I need the contact chip to work.

From what I've read of real tech on the paypass, and not the "oh you need it within 4 inches of the reader", is they can transmit at least 2 feet away, and that is in one of those cheap faraday cage sleeves, that come with them on occasion.

The disclaimer for the paypass? If there is strange spending habits on your card via paypass, the machine will disable the paypass from working(at the system reading level, I guess and not the RFID itself). Or in laymens terms, If you keep paying for the person's items in front of you, then it will be deactivated. Oh and the terminals receive strength will be reduced by a tech visit.

Heres a layout pic of the configuration inside the 'contact chip'/'rfid' card.


It shows the antenna going around the outside, but this card is a bit dark to see it. But the pics I've seen, it shows the RFID's on the right hand side in either or both corners.

Still got to call in to see if I can get one that is just contact chip. Or find a supplier of a good Faraday cage sleeve.

Rant mode off......

When I get my next drivers license in the next few months, I am going to nuke that bugger for 3 to 5 seconds to make sure our government is not sneaking them in(it's voluntary at the moment). Been practicing with my old drivers license. It can take 5 seconds without over heating the 'magnetic strip'. And I am not defacing the license, so it's perfectly OK. And other than the accident with the magnet to the 'magnetic strip' when I got the card, the 'magnetic strip' probably don't work anyways. :rolleyes: But if there is a pop on the card at 5 seconds, then the shit shall flow.

Oh and a side note with our Government. Our digital drivers license pictures are stored in a data base. The police are taking pictures of protesters and using that data base to identify everyone of them. And the police are even going as far to call some of the protesters by name. That sure seems like a mis-use of the data base. Or illegal use, as is the better term. Meanwhile the police really hate it when you video them, and can become quite angry.

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