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Just Moved...download Rate Is Very Slow Please Help


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Hey everyone! Like the title says, I just moved into my new house, I finally get my internet up and running with the same provider and same connection speed, I do not know much about the speeds, all i know is i have highest speed you can get for the town i live in...like 1750 kbps, but when i DL I download at 200KB/S and not the usual 700 KB/S from my old house ( only 10 mins away from where i live now), I called the support and the guy said Download speed is different than transfer speed, from what ive seen... its not, maybe im wrong. Well I really need help!! I play games fine no lag but once i start a video from youtube or anything else, it makes World of warcraft, or my counterstrike jump to over 800 MS!!! Please help.

Your connection is: 1754 Kbps or 1.8 Mbps

You downloaded at: 214 kB/s

Results from testmy.net ^.^

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If you have a router?, might it be causing the Lag problem. Good routers have a QOS(quality of service) setting to give the priority to online gaming(or whatever is the priority).

I am guessing that you have WOW on one computer and then try to YouTube on another. Unless you are multitasking with dual monitors.

So if your speed is, """Your connection is: 1754 Kbps or 1.8 Mbps""", then firing up YouTube will make YouTube want to take over the connections bandwidth to not buffer the video.

Edit: Your speed quote of, """"and not the usual 700 KB/S from my old house"""", that would be calculated times 8 and would be 5.6Mbps speed. So your new place is 1.8Mbps .

Are you on a cable modem or DSL?

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