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Mac User, need help with internet speed


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My system/network:

Provider: Mediacom 20/2 package

Gear: Motorola SURFboard SB6121 connected to a 5th Gen Airport Extreme (AES5). 3rd Gen Airport Extreme(AES3) connected to AES5 via Cat 5e and set to bridge mode... it's essentially a switch but I have the wifi radios repeating my upstairs 2.4Ghz SSID. I have an iMac connected via Cat 5e to the AES5 as well as an Ooma box. I have an Apple TV and a Mac mini connected to the AES3 all via Cat 5e. I have two iPhones and an iPad connected via wifi and I am running tests on everything (except the ATV) and they are constantly bad :smiley: Both Macs are running OS 10.7.3, iOS 5.1 is on my iPad/iPhones, and both routers have up to date firmware. As far as I can tell from Google my modem is up to date... I just bought it new so I hope so.

From reading through the forums my problem seems kind of typical, though I'm on OSX so the Windows tweaks don't really apply to me. Essentially I go to speediest.net and my speeds are considerably faster than when I come here. When I do pure file upload/downloads I seem to be getting my advertised speed. For example I use Blazeback online backup and my backup speeds are averaging 1.7 Mbps according to Blazeback. When I download from Usenet I am averaging 2.35 MB/sec which isn't too far from 20 Mbps that I am paying for. The problem arises when I do 'normal' stuff like browse the web, watch some MLB.tv or some YouTube on my ATV. It's not terrible, but it doesn't feel like a 20/2 connection.

My speediest.net speeds range are usually really good. At non peak hours its right at 20 or even above sometimes. During peak hours it drops to around 8. Testmy.net has my average download at 5.5.

The tools I've seen for Mac are the Broadband Optimizer and Apple's Broadband Tool, but they don't recommend it for systems using Airports so I didn't do anything. Also, if I understand them right, they only change the settings on the local computer. All of my devices wired and wireless have this issue so I'm not sure that would even fix it.

I tested at 10 pm and it was bad:

Now @ 10pm CST I am showing a 4.1 Mbps download speed via testmy.net.

nitro.uscs.edu shows (also tested at 10pm CST):

client to server: 1.47 Mb/s

server to client: 5.67 Mb/s

The slowest link in the end-to-end path is a 10 Mbps Ethernet subnet

In the stats window:

10 Mbps Ethernet link found.

Link set to Full Duplex mode

No network congestion discovered

Good network cable(s) found

Normal duplex operational found

Web100 reports the Round trip time = 80.62 msec; the Packet size = 1448 Bytes; and there were 2 packets retransmitted, 44 duplicate asks received, and 45 SACK blocks received

The connection was idle 0 seconds

S2C throughput test: Packet queing deteckted 0.86%

The connection is receiver limited 57.25% of the time

The connection is network limited 42.54% of the time

I haven't configured my modem at all, and my routers are set to whatever Apple had them at. Any help would be appreciated.

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you might try testing from a different location could just be a simple routing issue like the one i'm having to all cali servers atm




to dallas and east coast perfectly fine

but to west coast its bad




once you test from different servers let me know the results and we'll go from there

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Sorry it took so long. I had mediacom come out and verify all the lines were okay, did a modem test, and verified I was being apportioned the proper bandwidth. Everything checked out fine. I changed servers and it didn't improve. What does it mean if I can get 20mb/s from usenet but >10 when I test at testmy.net? Is it something with browsing a website/using a browser vs downloading raw data? If it helps, I'm on a docsis 2.0 system till June at about 80%utilization for my card.

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it means that 20Mbit is your cap and there is some underlying issue as to why your not getting it here

when you download off usenet your downloading from hundreds of different people

sometimes i have trouble pulling 50Mbit off of a single connection

but when i initiate multiple connections to the same host i achieve my max its really weird and i'm not really sure why it does that

try using a different browser to test with all we can do is keep trying different things to diagnose why your computer is doing what it's doing

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