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  1. Sounds like levels must be off they will try to correct it, if all else fails make them run a new line from the drop outside your house
  2. TestMy.net's servers are on a network that has direct peering with some of the biggest names in the Internet backbone. With multi-homed connectivity and bandwidth from over 25 independent Tier 1 carriers including Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Charter, Qwest, Google, Level 3, Internap, NTT America, Equinix & Telefónica to name a few. The network has a total capacity of over 2000 Gbps and our servers have multiple gigabit uplinks into that network. TestMy is always overstocked with bandwidth and can meet the needs of even the most demanding connections. Our servers are also configured and tested to maintain full quality of service for thousands of miles.
  3. Most modems I've ever had run hot signal level won't affect it
  4. Honestly I would setup a small pc on the network with VNC or remote desktop enabled and just log in and run tests when you receive complaints
  5. Tbh the problem is most likely out of your control the only things you could check would be make sure the modem and router aren't having any issues check your modem logs see if there are many errors swap out the ethernet cable between modem and router and if you have a spare router try it out see if you still have the issue. It sounds like an outside issue though something probably along the connection route that is timing out
  6. I would check your adapter settings make sure it's set to full duplex not half duplex also check your ethernet cable by swapping out for a spare if you have one
  7. unfortunately the geolocation isn't perfect, i'm sure CA3LE will be along with a much more detailed response soon
  8. I would honestly try them all out no one can tell you what will be best because WiFi can be tricky. Placement of the devices can also have an effect on which frequencies are best for your house
  9. If you close the tab or browser window the test should stop our test can't run in the background without the Web page being loaded
  10. Honestly it sounds like a bad modem or phone line or even a bad filter I would first swap out the modem since that should be done at no cost then if that doesn't work try replacing the phone line and or any filters your using also make sure your plugged in to the modem/router via Ethernet when testing to help eliminate any other possibilities make sure you do one thing at a time when trouble shooting to help diagnose the problem
  11. Also 5Ghz band will have a harder time with walls etc than 2.4Ghz keep that in mind I would play with your wireless settings and bands till you start getting a more consistent string of tests that is of course after you get your network running the way you want it
  12. Depending on the wireless capabilities of that router it could be the limiting factor usually when a WiFi router is connected to devices the link speed for all devices will operate at the slowest device speed so say you have a device connected on wireless G and one on wireless N they are all going to operate at the slowest negotiated speed which would be wireless G. wireless G is max theoretical speed is 54Mbps even if your connected at 54Mbps you won't get that due to packet loss and interference you'll probably only achieve about 80% 43.2Mbps in addition the test here will also be stress testing your HDD if you have a slower HDD such as a laptop HDD you may have issues getting a higher speed as well try using the multi threaded tests and make sure no other devices are connected to the WiFi when testing such as cell phones etc they have a really hard time maintaining high link speeds which will affect the link speed for your laptop especially if they are connected on wireless G
  13. There are ways to test and see if your lan or computer are causing the problems but you will need two computers to test it basically you could setup a local file transfer using lighttpd or something along those lines or use a ftp server on one machine and transfer a file to another tests like that may rule out your lan if your lan is not causing the issue then it's out of your control aside from calling and complaining... Quite a while back I was having issues with Cox it took me 3 months of calling multiple times a week to finally have them send out a maintenance tech who swapped out a local amplifier that appeared to be working right was showing no issues once he swapped it my problems disappeared make as much noise as you can is my only advice just try to be polite to the technicians they are just doing their job
  14. That's very odd usually they provide higher level of service to businesses in terms of speed and reliability I'm assuming you've tried the common things such as a new modem, no router, changing your cat5 cables out? Have you had the techs install new fittings try adding an attenuator?
  15. Do you have their residential or business class internet?
  16. Ninjageek just get Google drive or Dropbox if you need to get some files on their quick both are free super convenient
  17. I would setup an auto speed test to run over say a 24 hour period so you can first start to pinpoint the exact times after that schedule a tech to come out once you have a good idea of when it's going to happen and once it does he'll scratch his head and escalate the issue hopefully if not keep calling keep complaining unfortunately making as much noise as you can to draw attention to the issue is the only way to fix things and remember be nice to the technicians and customer support agents they do all they can but typically it'll take someone higher up like engineering to fix the actual issue depending on what it is
  18. Yeah that's a great price especially with the accessories you got with it
  19. Could be something simple and completely out of your control like a routing issue between your Telco and the host for our Hong Kong server that's why we have multiple servers available for testing to check that very thing
  20. I used to use dish much preferred it to direct tv but haven't really used it in awhile couple years at least
  21. He's probably referring to speed test when you run a speed test on speed test.net it automatically checks ping one thing to keep in mind tho speed test.net typically used a server in your back yard aka the closest major city to you so of course you may not feel any route congestion issues that may be going on also I believe league has their servers for the U.S. On the west coast in la or San jose
  22. I've heard seedboxes are the way to go for torrents if you want to avoid detection
  23. It could be a faulty modem where did you but it? I ran into that once I just returned mine to best buy and swapped it out for a new one
  24. Usually companies have a grace period after the due date anyway
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