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  1. I suppose it could have backed up the full registry well regardless if you have a windows cd you should be able to rebuild your registry also you could try booting to safe mode see if that works
  2. If your wanting a modem router all in 1 combo I think Motorola makes a docsis 3.0 one
  3. I just don't have the time to sit at the computer like I used to so it's pretty convenient for me to have one I don't think I could stay on top of things if I didn't
  4. My connection was fine all day but most of my stuff goes through Dallas or or San jose
  5. I don't and never have used anti virus software on my phone with slower phones it can really bog down performance
  6. I would look into upgrading your routers at this point as for what you need it will be possible as soon as CA3LE Completes his command line capable testing
  7. How restrictive are your security settings for the browsers?
  8. Yeah I would imagine he has that stored in a cookie there really isn't any purpose to deleting cookies that often unless you want to be logged out of everything
  9. Hey there in ninja long time no post
  10. Awesome glad your project has turned out so well
  11. I typically buy from newegg when it comes to computer components during this time of year they will even pricw match
  12. Ive been looking for a new registrar aswell let me know what you find out
  13. I'm not sure I never uploaded a signature like that CABLE should chime in soon about it
  14. You are correct in that it could assign the drives as anything under win7 it will not effect your xp in the slightest though and it doesn't matter a whole lot I would probably do it under Win7 just to make sure I don't erase or move a critical system partition Also once assigned you can always change drive letter assignment under win7 you shouldn't even need a reboot as they won't be system disks
  15. Does it block java or do any real time webscript scanning?
  16. Np and sorry I was on my phone yesterday and didn't see your other question till now. When you install your new hd and boot up your winxp it will assign a new letter to it after all your current partitions once you install win 7 on your new hard drive it will read all those partitions and assign them a letter automatically but it should not effect the lettering under winxp. Under win7 the hard drive it is installed on will be C: drive even if on your Winxp it reads as Z: Hope that made a little sense
  17. Yes it is just as simple as you have read basically what will happen is a new boot partition will be written with a newer bootloader and will ask what os to boot when you first turn your pc on if you make no selection it will boot off your default os which you can set under msconfig
  18. Lol he locked himself out of his server in similar fashion
  19. What datacenter did you go with? How much per month?
  20. First I would bypass the router see if that actually fixes anything
  21. Yep your exactly correct unless you have kvm access they will have to flush the tables locally
  22. Yes that's precisely what I mean you should run a few tests from each of the testmy.net servers. your router could very well be a bottleneck for you even when hardwired via ethernet it definately should not be limiting your speeds by as much as your seeing though
  23. What is your advertised package from Verizon? And are you experiencing those speeds acrossed multiple mirrors? Also are you on WiFi or wired? What router are you using?
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