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  1. If you disconnected the router and connected your pc directly to the modem you would have to power cycle the modem to have internet access also you can reset factory defaults on the modem it's in the config pages your looking at for the signals if you do that the modem will download the firmware from the isp
  2. I replied to your other post another thing to keep in mind is the wire on the middle of the coax needs to be just the right length if I were you I'd start with bypassing the faceplate connector or swap out the cheap old one with the one that's working correctly
  3. There are a few factors the connector itself could be bad you can test that by unscrewing the face plate and disconnecting the line from the back of the faceplate plugging in a new female to female connector and testing also it could be a kink or pinch in the cable or any bend that exceeds 90 degrees can cause noise in the line and reduce the quality
  4. Which streaming provider are you referring to? Could be the route to said provider during peak hours having congestion could be poor peering from your isp to the provider there are several factors
  5. With the way load balancing works I doubt it would be possible you'd probably have to disable an interface to force it
  6. The only test url from here we have for Central us is Dallas TX aswell
  7. I usually get mine on Newegg tons cheaper work the same
  8. 18Mbit should be plenty it depends on your upload as much as download for gaming though avoid wifi and play on servers close to your physical location you should be able to tell by ping lower is better
  9. Tp-link version steps are super confusing the archer c8 aka ac1750 which the archer c7 also shares the same codename how about the model number on the bottom of the router Reason I ask is because you may need to flash an aftermarket firmware such as dd-wrt to get packet scheduling support after more look into the interface I'm seeing you can only set limits by ip or port and not by packet type
  10. there are many factors that could be causing this it may not be hardware related, first things first make sure the drivers software isn't manually set to half duplex mode or 10Mbps which can be found in your network adapter settings its under control panel > network and sharing center > change adapter settings if that is already set to auto or 100Mbps then you should be fine next step would be to download TCP Optimizer and make sure the MTU is set for 1500 aswell as the connection set for the correct amount of download speed your expecting to get if none of that works then you may be looking at either a issue with the ethernet cable or the router or maybe just that one router port
  11. Your router has it. It's under Nat boost and bandwidth control check the manual also make sure WMM is enabled under the wireless advanced settings so it will also apply to the wireless devices
  12. That's fairly common to experience on any connection if your looking to avoid that you'll have to use packet prioritization through QoS packet scheduling that way your game and voice traffic will have higher priority than the port 80 and video streaming traffic
  13. I use Google Chrome with ad block plus I really don't like blocking unintrusive ads because I know it's a source of revenue for a lot of sites but with all the malware out there now days it's just safer
  14. TriRan


    I have 1080p aswell but I don't like it when I'm typing a message it automatically zooms way in on my phone I can't see the whole message without zooming out or scrolling around
  15. TriRan


    Your correct works under normal theme
  16. TriRan


    When I try to mark a topic as read on my my phone it shoots me an error
  17. Also have you reached out to any of your neighbors? See if they are having anything similar
  18. Once upon a time I was having issues aswell I kept complaining they kept sending techs it took about 3 months and finally I had a Cox tech in a boomtruck show up he said he was going to check the neighborhood nodes and about an hour later he came. Back and said he replaced a few amplifiers even though they looked good after that I never had another issue
  19. It's a very hard question to answer because sat can be so tricky not only where your located but simply what sat your using and how many users are subscribed to that sat has just as much to do with it I would see what kind of money back guarantee they have and see if you can use it on a trial basis
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