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  1. Every article I've read points to it mainly happening in the EU and primarily on mobile networks
  2. Question. Did we manually set the voltage and speed for the ram or did we leave on auto. It may not be a bad idea to manually set it
  3. Hey. Yeah I definitely remember one thing to keep in mind is overclocking usually reduces the life of components however I don't think I've ever burned out a stick of ram by over clocking a cpu and Undervoltage usually causes less issues than overvoltage I can't remember but did we overclock the ram?
  4. Well that's a bit of good news amongst all that bad news at least it's been and being escalated
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but ac is 5Ghz right? I imagine the metal Springs in your mattress were causing interference or there is something in a interior wall causing interference but looks like you already came to that conclusion aswell 5Ghz band can be really finicky
  6. Also are you using a download manager? Or just downloading through a browser? Or are you using torrents?
  7. I'm really surprised they haven't even responded it's not like you guys are a small contract
  8. Yeah usually on fios the router and modem are one in the same
  9. If you set it for 12 runs at 1 hour intervals that will run 1 test every hour for 12 hours
  10. Correct you would not be able to see 1Gbps over wifi for quite some time as far as the 1Gbps over Lan card you would probably want to run Cat6 cables and use a high performance router to see reliable speeds
  11. Yep heard of it want it glad it's coming to Phoenix
  12. J7n that us mostly correct looks like he has blast Internet though so he would need to maintain around the 108mbps
  13. Are all of your devices connecting with wireless N?
  14. Newer Android versions don't support flash anymore
  15. Like it or not 95‰ of video streaming sites out there still use flash based players only a few actually use html5 for that purpose
  16. In your device manager is everything looking correct? Or do you have some exclamation marks
  17. See if any lte or hspa+ service is offered in your area
  18. Also give tcpoptimizer a shot you can find it at https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php I can't reach my full speed with Firefox but I can with chrome so what Mudmans says is also valid
  19. Are you hard wired or wireless?
  20. If you can't get the firewall to disable completely and the modem into bridged mode then you could follow Mudmans suggestions I would throw the dlinks ip into the dmz so you can avoid opening every part manually
  21. Agreed some of those errors look like they just aren't resolving which could be due to your dns settings
  22. The last house I was in We mainly used wifi I had repeaters all over the house but even still it was not as reliable as a wired network so when we were having our new house built I had them run cat6 throughout the entire house
  23. Oh sorry haha I must've missed that in your original post
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