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  1. They recommend changing filters every year or two BTW so you probably have bad ones walmart also carries them for 8.99 I believe
  2. now days mudman. shaders and VRAM type and memory capacity are more importent then the days of core and memory clock speed give this a quick read mudman it lists all the popular cards from this year and gives a quick rundown on performance to dollar http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107.html
  3. as far as the hosting your talking about they are VPS's right? or are you referring to offering full customized dedicated servers?
  4. Did you look under ‰windir‰\server\ ?
  5. Indeed! I was using 4 2GB vps's to support the network I had going now I only have the one dedicated server filling the same role of all the vps's with about half the amount of resources used
  6. I would look into renting from you but I am not going to be using vps's anymore I've gotten to the point where I was needing resources such as you only find in a dedicated machine
  7. Testmy.net now has a multi threaded speed test
  8. So far I have nothing but good things to say about them every ticket I've put in has been answered in less than 15mins even tickets I put in at 4am edit: also if your curious about the network i'm pretty impressed with it so far i just pulled these results i can't really get an accurate read on the upload because 33MB isn't enough time for the upload speed to even read correctly the port is actually reporting an upload speed of over 150Mbps but the upload finished almost instantly and thats the result that shows
  9. I'm renting a server from dacentec super micro 2x e5420 xeon 16gb ram 1Gbit link for $55 a month free ip=kvm free reboots free reverse dns 10TB transfer no setup fee free os provisioning so yeah it exists
  10. its not entirely uncommon to achieve higher then advertised speeds, good ISP's will provision your modem higher then advertised so even during peak times you see close to or at advertised, i know cox does this often not sure about verizon... that is quite inconsistant with the download speeds though, not sure why your seeing issues like that... when browsing do you ever notice sites not loading quite the same speed all the time? as if its stuttering when you click a link?
  11. typically you want a different partition for each install of windows due to the filesystem structure it puts into place, you will not be able to have a working windows 8 and windows 7 install on the same partition one will overwrite the other
  12. not only that, he was using the multi threaded test btw RTB you don't necessarily need to be close to your router to pull good speeds over wifi i pulled 59.5Mbps and i'm about 35ft and two walls away from mine.. you just need to know how to set it up and have quality equipment
  13. Have you tried making an empty partition prior to trying to install? Windows installer has always been pretty crappy at tasks like that
  14. It is pretty inconceivable for the amazon cloud servers to be overloaded simply to the way cloud hosting works. Keep pressing the isp about your problem they will most likely not care about testmy.net results though so just keep telling them about your issue and how it's not fixed
  15. you didn't get past changing the bios settings?
  16. CA3LE is very much one of those guys who wants it to work regardless of what's installed so I doubt he'll use C or java
  17. you sir have done your homework that's all there is to it
  18. same here it was popular for about 5 seconds and i never bought it
  19. Not sure how they can lock an os like that when you can always use gparted to completely wipe a hard drive clean os included as far as installing 7 over 8 you can't just downgrade you'll have to boot into the Windows seven disc and format the hard drive to remove the old os then do a fresh install of Windows 7 with a quick Google search of 'how to do a fresh install windows 7' should pull up the steps
  20. Changing those settings shouldn't hurt anything I'm willing to try anything once so I say go for it
  21. I was in the same boat ca3le I was never restricted but my parents would be a little upset when they'd wake up in the morning and I'd still be up
  22. Nope never seen that before.. What os? What mail server?
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