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      I want to build iOS and Android apps for TestMy... but I still don't get it. Why use an app for something that can be done through the browser? Is it that hard to type "testmy.net" --- hell, in many cases you can just type "testmy"... why waste your local resources? Let my server run most of the program for you. ...am I missing something? Am I getting too old to get it?

      Do people like having a bunch of crap they need to update all the time? I just hope that the world realizes one day that you don't need apps... AT ALL... FOR ANYTHING. (except offline) That goes for personal computers as well. Everything can be done through the browser, especially more so in the future.

      I'm trying my hardest to design this website to just run in any web browser and I'm constantly evolving the program. If you're looking for a speed test app for your Android or iOS device you'd do better to just open your default web browser and bookmark testmy.net... easy as that. Nothing to download, no security permissions to mess with and updates are transparent.

      So please, let's open this for discussion. Why waste your disk space? If you can sell me on the idea of why TestMy needs a mobile app, I'll build it. Seriously. --- Think about this first, the benefit of having apps versus a website in many cases is the offline ability they have... what's the point of a speed test app if you're not online.

      ... come on, sell me... I dare you.

      - CA3LE
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