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All in one package from KPN

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My all in one package from KPN got installed today, I noticed that my download speed was very slowly only around 1 MB.


While I have a package with a internet download speed 25 MB, so I logged in to my router and look at the connections and indeed it was receiving and average download speeds a bit less then 25 MB.


But it was receiving alot more then what my computer was receiving, so now I am wondering how can my router receive almost the full connection and why is mine computer only receiving around 1MB.


My computer that I am using is connected straight with the router with a network cable.

The same applies to my wifi it has the same problem also around the 1MB download speed.


Does anyone have any idea what this could be or how i could solve it ?

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 Hi deem ,

 So your seeing a lot of packets get rejected by two separate routers, we should look at resetting them both to factory first off. Start with the wired router for now and leave the wireless alone.


Most devices like this will have a reset button , myself i use the 60/60/60 rule , while the device is powered on press and hold the reset button for 60 seconds, while continuing to hold the reset button remove power from the device (unplug it) and continue to hold the reset button for 60 seconds, return power to the device and continue to hold the reset button for another 60 seconds.


Sounds like a pain, and likely not what the 'book' says. None the less.


Unplug the modem , plug modem back in , then power up the router then the machine -- in that order.


Post your results.

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