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Reporting GUI Version Number

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It would be useful, for we Users and helpful for You, to improve the Visibility of the _Speed Test Version 13.7 Version Number_ (V No.) .

IDEA1: place the _V No._ in the Page Header along with Page Footer as now shown.

IDEA2: keep the _V No._ in the Page Footer. Convert the Top Line (with Mail, Notify, User pop-down & Sign-Out Features) into a Floating (Tool) Bar which sticks to Top of browser Page. Cool :-o

IDEA3: Implement Single-Click on _V No._ could Auto-Copy to client's Paste Buffer.

IDEA4: on New Topic Create in _v13 Bug Reporting_ Forum, auto-enter the _V No._ into the Title &/or Details Field(s) OR as TAG (oooh ya! :-o ) .

Use Cases (aka arm twisting ;-) )

-Users: Bugs, Requests wrt GUI, feedback provided by a user can include relevant _V No._ to improve communication which better aids You to 'home in' on related code

-Development & Support: the _V No._ is a simple Attribute that would be easily supported by Source Control System (SCS) VARIABLE Feature. Granted that Branching & Merging could make it nasty/messy/convoluted

Njoy iceb

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