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New customer, is this normal?

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I'm a new customer I only get 281 Kbps is this normal?


Hi Jim,

Depends on the package you've ordered.
Go to my forums https://testmy.net/ipb and submit your questions.  Tell us what your computer specs are and what your package is.  If there's a way to get more speed.. we can help.
Realize that I'm not in any way associated with your ISP, I don't know what you've ordered with them.
Thanks for visiting, keep coming back.
- Damon Mueller - TestMy.net
Internet speed can be researched by City, State, Country and provider in the TestMy.net database.  Rank users and providers for any area to see who the competition is in the area and who's delivering the best value.  Unbiased 3rd party ranking from speed test results graded on the same variables.  If you're moving to a new area and want to see who what ISPs are delivering in the area... this is the tool.

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