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I get this one often... I think that people research the attacker and end up finding information I have listed, then they use my contact form for some reason.  Maybe they think I'm the ISP. All I know is that lots of people send me emails like the following.

Hello, my name is Adi
Today at 1:30 PM ISRAEL time my computer attacked from your isp IP address ( from user or computer name on behalf of (taizi$)
Please see what you can do.


Hi Adi,

You've probably mistaken the tool that's helping you research your attacker for the attacker.  I run TestMy.net and have no connection to that IP address, other than providing information about who they are.  You probably were researching the IP and found information like...
Good luck tracking them down.  I have to deal with hackers like that on a daily basis, I know your pain.  Your attacker is from China, your best to find a way to block the attack; if you have a hard time contact your ISP.  Contacting the attackers ISP in China (or Russia) is usually hopeless.  Which is dumb because it degrades their network as much as yours... attacks usually take bandwidth, the Chinese and Russians weaken their own networks by not working with us.
Probably about 90% of attacks on my servers come out of China or Russia.  It's not because the Chinese and Russians are out to get us... the hackers are often in different countries tunneling in.  Those countries just don't seem to care if their computers attack Western computers and networks, they don't do much to stop it.  
If you're getting DDoS attacked your host may be able to filter your traffic through something like Cisco Guard.  I've had my host do that a few times for me, it does a great job.  It allows good traffic to continue flowing while stopping the attack.  Last time I had it enabled it was blocking a little aggressively and denied some genuine traffic.  But it still helped to mitigate the situation.  Your host should provide this for you free of charge.  Stopping attacks like this makes their networks faster and better... they need to help you stop it, the data is flowing through the network you essentially rent from them.   :wink:  --- if your host won't help, find a new host.
- Kind Regards,
- Damon


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