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AT&T Uverse Problems


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hi all!  hope someone here can give some pointers.  current setup is: ISP=AT&T (Uverse) provisioned for 12/Mbps down/1MBps up speed tier.  connection has been stable for 2+ years.  lately though, (past 30 days) not good at all.  many, many resyncs at varying times which would last a couple of hours. 2 weeks ago made service call home tech arrived and replaced 'old' nid box at side of house to 'new' type. he also checked wiring outside-to-junction box (terminal box) which is located approx. 3 blocks from house. service stablized again and held steady for about a week.  but the past 3-5 days, some resyncs day or night which interfered with net usage but when sync steady only do so at very slow speeds, i.e. 3Mbps/down and 300-460Kbps up speed.  new service call this past saturday (10may2014) led to appt. for service today (12may2014)  att assured me when i called that the problem was detected on their end, and i was not required to be home for service.  tech called 9:15 this a.m. and assured me the problems were at the junction box, were scheduled for fix, and expect service to be up solid in 2 hours.  his supervisor told him not to do it right then; called again after 4 hrs., tech apologized and got on the phone to his supeervisor. now after 1 hour service signal/connection is locked in solid, but at very, very low speeds:  1.5Mbps/down and 600 Kbps/up.  Problem:  when i access the Motorola NV510 admin pages it tells me I am sync at 11997/down with 1021/up.  TestMy.net speed tests (7 in all) show speeds as very slow as above.  Anyone know what I should ask tech to look for?  What I should look for myself?  Note:  My wiring is fine (proven in past), NID is new, and computer system is stable.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  Feel free to answer her or PM me at robhwill-at-yahoo.com.  Thanks Guys.  Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!   ---rob

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My past experience with AT&T is that I will never use them again for internet and happy so far with my cable provider.  However, that is not the answer you are looking for....  Its possible they have added new customers and you may have a long copper wire loop degrading your service.  That is what happened to me a few years ago.  After numerous complaints, a smart tech finally found the wire loop (which added over a mile of wire) and cut it and spliced it to a much shorter path to the D-Slam, which was only 100 ft. from my house,  thereby resolving my issues.


Good luck.

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