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  1. Just ran both versions. Both were in the 70-75 range. Then ran each again and similar results in the 70-75 range. This is what I've been getting for months as I mentioned in earlier post, so both seem to report about the same now. The few I got at 100 was nice but perhaps was not real.
  2. Just tried the old test twice and only got 70-80 Mbps, so something is different ? Then I did another of the new test and got 78 Mbps ??? strange.....
  3. I'll just add my 2 cents here also. About a year ago, a lighting hit took out my mother board ethernet port. I used to get consistent 100 Mbps speeds to Dallas, with multi thread off. I purchased a cheap Gigabit PCI Express card from TP-Link and the best it would give me was around 70 Mbps. I just assumed it was not as good as my now fried MB port, but at least I was back on-online. I haven't tested my speed for maybe a week or so and noticed the new interface (looks good). Now I'm getting again consistent 100 Mbps speeds again. Don't know if it was the changes you made or perhaps my ISP finally fixed the poor node in my neighborhood. I've always had problems bonding to 4 good channels with my modem and would usually need to reset it 3-4 times to get good channels, but even then the best I would get was around 70 Mbps. What ever changed to get me back to 100 Mbps is great. Keep up the good work.
  4. Wow, some people have no clue, blaming you for their ISP speed issues, unbelievable....
  5. I have the same problem on testmy.net. I used to get good results of 80 to 100 Mbps, but over the past few weeks I only get around 43 Mbps. Other sites give me around 80-100 now, but no longer this one. Not sure what gives, always use the same nearby server at Dallas. Something is not right here anymore. Download :: 40.7 Mbps 5.1 MB/s My Speed :: 40.7 Mbps 6% slower than my average US 43.4 Mbps 32% slower than my host average 60 Mbps 40% slower than my city average 67.3 Mbps 28% faster than the US average 31.9 Mbps 40% faster than Index Speed 29.1 Mbps Your speed had a 2% middle variance TiP Summary - Minimum :: 33.67 Mbps | Middle :: 41.52 Mbps | Maximum :: 42.61 Mbps
  6. I'm so tired of companies that have monopolies and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Altice hit us again with nearly a 20% increase for cable services. Now will be paying $152 for basic cable TV, 50Mbit internet and phone service. All the horror stories about this company jacking up pricing have come true. Suddenlink employees I have spoken too hate Altice (say so when not being recorded). Suddenlink was a friendly family owned business with reasonable pricing and outstanding service at one time, but no more. There is no comparable service here in the Abilene, TX area to switch too, so either we suck up the cost or discontinue the services. When I lived in Colorado and had Comcast, the city had regulatory control over them and had to approve their pricing increases which kept them reasonable. Here, the city elders could care less and the same for state representatives. p.s. the above link to the article on Altice has disappeared, can no long find it.
  7. Well, I found out why Suddenlink pricing and services have been going to hell over the past couple of years. Didn't know that Altice bought them out. Read this article for an eye opener. Altice buys Suddenlink In the process of submitting a complaint to the BBB for such bad service, billing errors and constant increases with no basis.
  8. My past experience with AT&T is that I will never use them again for internet and happy so far with my cable provider. However, that is not the answer you are looking for.... Its possible they have added new customers and you may have a long copper wire loop degrading your service. That is what happened to me a few years ago. After numerous complaints, a smart tech finally found the wire loop (which added over a mile of wire) and cut it and spliced it to a much shorter path to the D-Slam, which was only 100 ft. from my house, thereby resolving my issues. Good luck.
  9. I hate it when I go to a site and a video starts playing and I can't shut it off....grrrr. So most of the time I run with Flash disabled. Only if there is a video I want to see, do I enable it in the add-ons manager and then reload the page.
  10. Wow, my last post was in Feb....LOL. Ca3le must be in Colo eating brownies !! No, as I stated in a post above, all is good now after I did the reset of IE 11. Getting around 1.5 Mb/s up and around 40 Mb/s down, except during peak evening hours it slows.
  11. "Your symptoms wreak of malware." No, they reek of Suddenlink problems, had them many times before. Fact is, I've never had any virus/malware since I first started using computers in 1979. I keep my machines squeaky clean. I already have S/B Search & Destroy and keep my host file definitions up to date weekly, sometime I manually edit them. I also run a virus scan weekly and keep off the malicious web sites, you know which ones I mean.... Just did a download test and I'm back up to normal, around 40 Mb/s. But thinks for your concern.
  12. Yes, the last few tests were run booting into Win 7. All seems to be okay now, don't know what caused the problem, but the IE reset seemed to fix it. Thanks Edit: Just ran up/down tests and upload is okay, download was in the toilet. Was getting around 2 Mb/s to Dallas about 200 miles from me. Changed it to east coast and got around 20 Mb/s. Dang, hope I don't start having problems with Suddenlink again, it been running great for months.
  13. I clicked on the icon on the top left of the reply window, BBcode Mode ?? and then I was allowed to paste. Not sure why it would not work otherwise. Tracing route to testmy.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 8 ms 7 ms 6 ms 3 8 ms 11 ms 8 ms 173-219-249-84-link.sta.suddenlink.net [] 4 27 ms 25 ms 27 ms 173-219-249-57-link.sta.suddenlink.net [] 5 * 26 ms 26 ms 173-219-245-11-link.sta.suddenlink.net [] 6 25 ms 27 ms 26 ms te1-5.bbr01.eq01.dal01.networklayer.com [] 7 28 ms 27 ms 28 ms ae5.dar01.sr01.dal05.networklayer.com [] 8 38 ms 26 ms 25 ms po1.fcr04.sr03.dal05.networklayer.com [] 9 26 ms 27 ms 30 ms [] Trace complete.
  14. Okay, I went to my IE advanced setting and hit "reset", rebooted the computer and now I can do the upload test okay. Don't know what was causing it as I have not changed anything default setting since I put Win 7 on this computer. However, I still cannot copy and paste into this reply window. I clicked on paste and said yes to allow editor to access my clipboard, but still won't paste. Any suggestions ? Edit: Just for grins, I went to another forum that I am a member of and had no problem pasting the tracert into a reply window there. So I'm lost as to why its not working here.
  15. Ran a traceroute from command window as you suggested and it ran okay. I have tried every way possible to paste the results into this reply window to no avail. I can copy the test file I created from the tracert but no way will it paste into this reply window. If you know the secret let me know. Thanks
  16. Ok, what am I doing wrong if anything. The download test works fine. However, when I try the upload test, it hangs on the screen saying it is downloading the test data. The window never goes away and the test never starts Running Window 7 with IE11. Edit Note: Booted Win XP and both upload and download work fine. .
  17. As you know, I recently set up a dual boot WinXP and Winows 7 system. Today running Windows 7, I noticed some strange artifacts when I scrolled the screen after doing a speed test. For example the little blinking square boxes on the speed bar would move as I scrolled down the page. So, just the heck of it, I added Testmy.net to the compatibility view list and ran another speed test. With Testmy.net added to the compatibility view list, the speed today was giving me again around 40 Mb/s like Windows XP does. Prior to adding it to the compatibility view list, I was only getting around 30 Mb/s as noted in my earlier posts. Since I did a new install of Windows 7, M/S installed IE 11 to my computer. My WinXP of course runs IE 8. Something strange going on here with IE 11.
  18. I'll be looking forward to your TCP tuning inputs. Happy New Year !
  19. Same to you Ca3le, nice to see someone leave the Christ in Christmas
  20. I recently setup a dual boot system and noticed that the speed test to Dallas with Windows 7 is much slower than Windows XP. Windows 7 is giving me an average of around 30 Mb/s Windows XP is giving me an average of around 40 Mb/s I fine tuned my XP to maximize the internet speed, but most of what I have read online tells me that its best to leave Window 7 alone as much of the setting are dynamic and should not be changed. True or False ? Any easy changes I can make to improve Windows 7 speed or just live with it ? Thanks
  21. Amazon shipped by replacement drive via 2-day shipping and received it today. This time I ran the WD diags on the hard drive before I even tried to install Win 7, and it all tested good this time. Booted the Win 7 install DVD and all ran fine, selected advanced install mode and selected the new HD and set up three partitions. This time there was no slow down and installed in less then 15-20 minutes. I was disappointed that the install apparently did not detect my other HD with Win XP installed. Perhaps since I disabled it in the BIOS setup, I don't know, but not trying again. But the Win 7 install did see it and all its logical partitions, so don't know what happend with that. Anyway once all was running fine, I simply used EasyBCD and added the Win XP to the MBR in Win 7 and now all is fine. When I turn on my comp, it gives me the option to run Win 7 (default 30 sec timeout) or to select Win XP and boot to it. All is happy now Next the long job of installing various apps and tools in Win 7, but heck, I've got plenty of time to do that. Soon I'll be able to run some of those new games that did not support Win XP.....
  22. Well I was hoping to have Win 7 up and running in dual boot mode, but this had turned into a nightmare The memory I ordered was supposed to be Crucial brand, 100% guarenteed compatible with my MB. I received some substitute that didn't even have a brand label on it. And this company advertised through the Amazon marketplace, so I notified Amazon. Memory would'nt even allow the MB to boot and the memory tuning cabability of this MB was unable to get it to work. So sending it back to the dealer for replacement. The second half of the nightmare was the new WD (black) SATA III drive. Installed the drive, set MB to boot DVD, and started install of Windows 7. Took forever, after one hour was only at 14%. Aborted install, disconnected everything from comp that was not needed for install, also disabled CMOS/BIOS settings that were not needed for install. Tried again. This time it got to 25% in about 45 minutes then failed with install errors Rebooted system, received S.M.A.R.T failure for the new disk drive and was forced into the BIOS setup. Disabled the SMART detection so comp would boot to WinXP. Downloaded WD diagnostics and it confirmed the SMART failure. Removed drive and shipping back to Amazon for replacement. So I assumed the slow install of Win 7 was due to hard drive errors. Amazon will ship replacement drive in 2 days and sent me pre-paid shipper to send failed one back. Will probable be couple weeks before I see the replacement memory as the company won't ship until the bad ones are returned. Sometimes I wonder if buying things local would cost more, but save some grief and easier return. Its all a crap shoot. So the saga continues.....sigh
  23. I was going to edit my prior post, but for some reason there is no EDIT buttion on it. I did some more web searching and found some information on drive letter assignment and it appears there is no consistant method in Windos when it assigns drive letters, so I just hope the results will be understandable when I install Win 7 on the new drive. I already created an image backup of my WinXP C: drive just in case something bad happens. Now I just need to wait another week or so till the new hardware and Win 7 OS are delivered. Will report back when its done. Thanks for replies
  24. I think I understand what you are saying. Install the new HD with WinXP and it will be assigned as drive H: Question: Should I create the additional partitions I want with XP or Win 7 or does it not matter ? Install Win 7 on new HD, it will now be identified as drive C: when running Win 7. Old & new drive setup would be as follows when running either OS: Win XP Win 7 (new HD) C: C: D: D: (xp c) E: E: (xp d) F: F: (xp e) G: G: (xp f) H: (7) H: (7 g) I: (7) I: (7 h) Or, I am completly off base on I what I think the drive letter assignment will be ? Thanks again.
  25. Thanks for responding TriRan, sounds great. Now if someone can answer my other questions concerning boot drive assignment and drive partition letter information, I should be all set when my items get here next week or so.
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