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Different Speeds

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Hey guys,

I currently have Bell Canada Internet and I am paying for 50/50 speeds.

when I do speedtests these are the results:


While I download torrents, I also tend to get around 4-5mb/s download speeds.

Then I come onto testmy.net and achieve these results :



I am also trying to stream games on a streaming website called Twitch.tv and I have noticed I cannot stream properly as my upload speed keeps fluctuating. Is there any possible way to fix this, or is my ISP screwing me?

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Let's first pretend that you're stuck with what you have.


Many twitch.tv users have told me that as long as they set their bitrate lower than their TMN upload test score things go off without a hitch.  Set below 500 kB/s and you should be fine... unless your connection is dipping much deeper than that.  I see you're using Windows 7, one way to find out how the data is flowing in greater detail is to use a program like Net Meter while you run a test here.  Post a screenshot of the graph so we can see how the speed is fluctuating during the upload test.


But when you should have 50 Mbps upload... you shouldn't have to limit your upload 12.5X lower than your connections theoretical limit.  You should be able to pull off a 720p @ 60 FPS stream with a bitrate of 2500-3500 Kbps ... easy.  Actually with 50 Mbps (6.25 MB/s) you should be able to easily stream two games at that quality (2500 Kbps).


Read Why Do My Speed Differ From Ookla? and try the TCP Optimizer recommendation.  It can make a world of difference for earlier version of windows.


Hopefully we can help you get more out of it.  Have you tried testing directly to the modem without any of your networking.  (no wifi, direct connection with ethernet)  --- it may be Bell Canada's fault but before we blame them let's first make sure that we eliminate any variables within your control.

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Yes, I did. I am now notcing higher download speeds, but the upload speed has stayed the same.


That's normally how it works.  It was worth a shot.  At least something is improving.


Here's a trick, try running two upload tests at once.  Open two browser windows on the upload test and manually select 50 MB, try to start both tests close to the same time.  Note, it doesn't need to be perfect to get a good idea.


When I do this myself I get 13.2 Mbps and 11.3 Mbps ... one test by itself scored 21.1 Mbps.  That shows me that I'm maxing out my upload speed in a single upload.  


If you're able to run a second upload test and the result seems unaffected by the fact that there's already an upload running then you know that your threads are limited not the connection itself and you may want to ask your provider why that is.  A healthy connection should be able to upload a single transaction at it's maximum speed... you shouldn't have to combine threads to reach your line potential.  Unless something is limiting you.

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