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Fighting the browser


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It's been a while since I've last posted here. Hello!


My issue seems to be that I get quite the difference between Chrome and Firefox. IE just doesn't work for the upload test, not that I care to figure out why.


I know my connection is good, dedicated bandwidth to Level 3 via my ISP, but my results do not reflect that. I assume it's something to do with my browsers or OS or an interaction of the two.


Here are the two patterns that I am seeing


1) Download test. Starts off strong, but then around 80%, no matter the test size, it tapers off from about 90Mb/s down to about 10Mb/s. It doesn't matter if I'm testing 50MB or 200MB test sizes, once that 80% mark is hit, it drops.


2) Upload test. Starts off weak, like sub 1Mb/s, jumps up to 10Mb/s, drops back down to 1Mb, holds for a bit, then launches up to 80-90 for the rest of the test. Average is about 35.


Here's why I feel confident about my connection. This traffic graph was taken back when I had 50Mb. As you can see, I was using upwards of 80% of my connection with out my ping flinching.




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