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Question about speed optimization


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Hello everyone! :)

I made a new account on this site to ask a quick question.


I had cable Internet installed at a client's site. There are two possible places with coax connections for the modem inside the house. These all join together at a junction box outside the house. If I put the cable modem on one of the coax lines, I get about 60Mbit. If I change it to the other one, I get barley 35Mbit. The service is rated at 50.


The connections are relatively close, not any significant distance apart. The house is relatively new, built within the last 10 years, and has all new wiring. The absolutely only difference whatsoever I can tell is that the two connectors is the faster connection has a slightly shinier/newer looking coax connector. They both however, appear to be the same metal.I made sure all the connections were really snug. What could be cutting the signal close to half?!


I don't have a remote way of measuring resistance with me, or a spool of cable long enough to run an extension to run to determine how many ohms each cable pulls and if there is a significant difference, which I can't imagine their would be, unless there's some physical damage to the cable somewhere. I really don't want to have to fish a new cable into the wall.


Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks so much in advance for anyone's knowledge and expertise.

- I. Moylan



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There are a few factors the connector itself could be bad you can test that by unscrewing the face plate and disconnecting the line from the back of the faceplate plugging in a new female to female connector and testing also it could be a kink or pinch in the cable or any bend that exceeds 90 degrees can cause noise in the line and reduce the quality

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