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Time Warner Cable MAXX rollout

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Time Warner Cable rolled out TWC MAXX to my area as I believe Google Fiber is launching here soon as well, so they need to compete. Finally I got the upgrade and got the new modem that supports all the channels. Was only getting 100mbps previously however, after going to the TWC Store and swapping out the modem, I get the free 300 mbps upgrade! 


Check out my speeds below, however no improvement in latency times or gaming-(this is just one test, for some reason theres ALOT of variance, due to cable?) Free upgrade in speed, same price per month. I now <3 TWC, $59.99/mo




This is huge advantage now though, going from a residential 50mbps connection (thinking that was insanely fast). I can now download 60 GB in about 45 mins - 1 hour depending on the source host! The internet is really slowly starting to become a better place. Anyone else with Time Warner got the upgrade yet? I know all my neighbors and several co-workers of mine have also gotten this upgrade.


All the best,



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