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Internet uptime monitor?


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With my last ISP that was terrible for going down, I wrote a command line script to do just that, putting the down and up times into a log file.  It pings the Google DNS every 30 seconds and if it fails to reply three times in a row, it adds a line to the log file that the connection is down along with the time & date.  Once the pings start replying again, it adds another line mentioning when it went up.  It also displays this info on screen:


NWE Internet up & down.png


To use the script, copy & paste the following into Notepad and save it as "NetTest.bat" somewhere handy, such as on the desktop:


@echo off
set Delay=30

echo Connection log script started: %date% %time:~0,5%
echo Connection log script started: %date% %time:~0,5% >>"Outage log.txt"

ping -n %Delay% localhost >nul
ping -n 1 www.google.ie >nul &&goto repeat

set OutageTime=%time:~0,5%
set OutageDate=%date%
ping -n 1 www.google.com >nul &&goto repeat
ping -n 1 www.google.com >nul &&goto repeat
echo %date% %time:~0,5% - Internet or DNS connection is down 

ping -n 1 www.google.ie >nul &&goto backonline
goto outagerep

set UpDate=
if not "%date%"=="%OutageDate%" set UpDate= %date%
echo Link/DNS outage: %OutageDate% %OutageTime% to%UpDate% %time:~0,5% >>"Outage log.txt"
echo %date% %time:~0,5% - Internet or DNS connection is up 

goto repeat


Just double-click the saved file to run it, minimise it and leave it to run in the background..

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