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compare AT&T Uverse internet to cox cable Internet Price, performance

Don Wayne

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I have Cox cable Internet with 50 MB per second download speed and have no problem obtaining the speed consistently and he can go as high as 60 MB per second for this I pay $75 per month.


My question is, how does AT&T U-verse Internet work as opposed to Cox? And are they as consistent with as much speed or the approximate monthly charge that I am experiencing?

I live in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I am a new member here and I appreciate your response. Thank you.

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I live in Yukon, OK I just switched from Cox 150Mbps I was Paying $73.99 to AT&T gigabit for 80.00 am month. AT&T has been running a special for a while now $30.00 off and free equipment for as long as you keep service with them. The speed was consistent with Cox. I was with AT&T prior to switching to Cox the reason I switched is because AT&T only offered 40Mbps on fiber and could never give me a date when they would be getting Gigabit. Consistency was good with AT&T then and still is good every bit as good as Cox.

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It sounds like to me that you're getting a better deal in Yukon than I am getting  in Tulsa. I have been happy with the consistency and speed from Cox. The way the AT&T installer described U-verse Internet to me, it did not sound too substantial. Twisted-pair 24gauge wires that has to carry that kind of data for several blocks in order to get to the fiber node just did not sound adequate, I therefore canceled what would've been $60 per month for 45 Mb per second download speed. This was the fastest speed they could give me for my neighborhood in Tulsa. I would rather pay the extra $15 per month and get a faster speed that at least theoretically seem more consistent and substantial than the explanation for U-verse that I received from the installation personnel. My house was built in 1966 or 68 and the twisted-pair line of 24gauge copper is the old telephone line that was installed at the same time. To give you an illustration my neighbor next door had U-verse Internet installed the next day and they had real trouble with the transmission line, they had to do a lot of reinstalling of wiring in order to get a connection that worked. The connection point for her house would be the same connection point for my house although the wire would have to travel a greater distance from my house to get to this point.


Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

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I am glad I cancelled my AT&T internet install, as the next door neighbor tried to have AT&T install internet the next day. 12- 17-16, they have been working to get it installed ever since.That is 6 days now! As I suspected when I saw my old 24ga twisted pair line it looked old and tried!!! And so it is!!! . It is at least 48 years old! They are trying to string some new line now! AT&T needs to spend some of there cash and get caught up with the competition!!


They brag about fiber internet, The only problem is, to get to there fiber they are using there old phone lines and some times that can mean traveling several blocks over this old small line to get to the fiber!!


If the neighbor hood is new you may be OK, if not, look out!

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I was hoping that more people who had AT&T U-verse Internet in Tulsa Oklahoma, would respond to this post. I am glad that there is some competition in Tulsa for Cox, we as customers know that competition is absolutely essential if we are going to get a fair price! Only having one company providing all the needs for any kind of product is always a disadvantage for the customers.

I see where I can get a special deal from Cox that would triple my download speed for only $10 more per month. These kind of deals always scare me as you wonder just what's going on. My guess is that they want to get you addicted to a faster speed then they can raise the price that you would not normally pay, but since you have already experienced the advantages to increase speed you continue by paying the extra money.

I guess I'm getting too touchy. But quite frankly for the way I use the Internet I am finding that 50 Mb per second download speed is quite adequate for me. What is everyone else experiencing in this regard?

Thank you for your responses.

Sincerely, Don Wayne

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