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Possible Network settings bottleneck? Need Serious Advice.

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Hello, to preface this post I'd like to say I work as a legal videographer for a living, I regularly process and upload video to attorneys offices and court reporting firms so I take the quality of my net speed very seriously as it's part of my business and living. Alternatively I also casually game and stream to twitch Tv for fun so I also care about my net quality from a hobbyist standpoint as well. I recently moved and installed new internet at my place of residence and have been getting some results that I need a further opinion on. One of my computers is getting way below my other computers net speeds, despite the fact they are side by side, and both hard wired into my net modem. Target speed should be around 150Mbs download and 10mbs upload from comcast. I live in northern California.

(the images below are all different test results I got are ONLY from the problem computer, the other computer I have next to it is achieving high speeds, even with server swaps and multiple tests)


I also used speedOf.me as well to double check results.

I keep seeing a common number of 38ish MBs where my download is locked at. I had issues with this computer like this in the past but the problem only appeared occasionally, but since I just invested in a brand new net setup, in a new location,  (thinking the issue might randomly fix itself but didn't) I really wanted to lock down why my other computer is having these huge bottlenecks in netspeed.

Again, my other computer has no issues whatsoever but the only difference mainly being is my OS. The problem computer uses windows 7 while the other uses Windows 10 ( I keep these separate on purpose). Both computers have high end hardware and are only a few years old. I have trouble shot different network settings and haven't achieved any improvements on the issue. Awhile ago the computer never had issues achieving high net speeds but there clearly are major outliers and discrepancies appearing when I run tests on the speed. I need some serious advice about how to go about fixing the issue.


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So after a long time of struggling to figure the reason for a network bottle neck i stumbled upon THIS guide, and low and behold changing my

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal


in the command prompt fixed my net issue, I'm getting full like I do on my work computer.

Issue was reversed though had problems on my windows 7 machine while my windows 10 had full speed, problem had plagued me for months, not sure why I didn't stumble upon this guide sooner, oh well cheers.

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