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Is AT&T skewing the download speed graphs?

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* AT&T DSL "High Speed Internet" service plan: "...up to 3.0Mbps.

* Over the years with them, I've had at least a dozen or more of their technicians and hundreds of phone calls with ignorant representatives over the phone, chat, etc.

* Usually, the techs who showed up to my location found that AT&T was at fault by having placed "bridge taps" on my line (unnecessarily). They removed them and my service was back to normal (2.5Mbps), again. However, only a day or up to a week later, after their "fix," my D/L speeds dropped, again! More countless hours on the telephone with non-English-speaking "representatives who had no experience nor, any authority to actually "do anything" except apologize repeatedly while reading from their written scripts!

* Please note: I have changed nothing on my system. Yet, AT&T technicians have usually fixed problems caused by AT&T. The techs told me each time that I have no problems with my modem, my wiring, etc.

Is ATT influencing data rates results deliberately.jpg

ATT-SPEEDTESTS as of 10-11-2018.jpg

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