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Pathetic Excuse from Comcast as to speed increase

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SO I contacted Comcast (Xfinity) after hearing they were increasing speeds on Triple Play and Quadruple Play customers.

Since I have TV,Phone,Internet I was wondering why I did not see the increase after Purchasing the ASUS  USB-AC68 Wireless adapter 

which in AC Mode is supposed to allow 1300/1300 Speed or 1.3Gbps each direction yet my tests show 244 Mbps Down and the typical 8-12 Mbps upload.

I was informed since I have been a customer for years (10+) and my current package I was not eligible for the increase from 250Mbps to the 400Mbps for other 

Triple Play Customers.

They were telling me I had no Options available that were cheaper then the ridiculous $300+ a month I pay ( In which they increased by $8 last month for no reason I can see)

My Options were to add xfinity home which I would not hardly use as someone is usually always here or we may only be gone for 30 Minutes.

Unless I found that If I close one account and open a new one under a different name I can get the same exact plan with the upgraded 400 Mbps internet for 

$150 Before taxes about 1/2 of what I pay now.

This is absolutely ridiculous.


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