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ISP's methods to cheat, what are they?


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I just upgraded my internet speed with Spectrum (formerly know as and still using, Time Warner, in some instances).  I went from a Time Warner based download speed of about 75mbps and 6mbps upload speed to what Spectrum claims (and shows via Speedtest.net) to be 400mbps down and 20mbps up BUT ONLY when my PC (Win 10 Pro) is the only device on my LAN and it's directly connected to the bridged Arris Surfboard 6183.   When I test with testmy.net going either through the modem or through my Cisco RV042 Gigabit dual WAN router (one WAN connection, rated throughput specified at 687mbps) I get vastly different throughput "estimates."  I understand that speed and throughput are different but I want to know what Spectrum and Speedtest.net are doing to show the speed without proportional throughput.  I ran Wireshark (TCP IP trace tool) and discovered a couple of differences between the testmy.net trace and Speedtest.net.  The Speedtest.net appears to be fully on IPv6 addressing when not going through the router (the router is using a dual stack v4 & v6) and data from Speedtest.net was using a Message Transmission Unit size of 1440 or 1472.  I got one test to show a small burst of speed via my router of 1200mbps on Speedtest.net VERY FISHY.  Testmy.net consistently gave the same answer regardless (+/- 5%) in either configuration.  Can someone more up on this stuff tell me anything about what Spectrum and Speedtest.net are doing?

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misstatement on my part download is correct, I said upload near the end of the first line. changed give to gave 2nd to last line.
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