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Upload worsens, download stays the same- why?


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As part of today's testing, I ventured out into new territory by changing the mirror location. Until today, all single path testing has been done with the Dallas mirror server.

After selecting all the various US based mirrors, an unexpected and perplexing story unfolded.


I get the same speed test results using any mirror in the US on download speed tests.


On Upload speed tests, I get my ISP capped limit (40Mbps) from Houston to Dallas, and I get approximately 15Mbps consistently from Houston to any other mirror in the US.

I have not tried the mirrors outside of the US.


So, what's going on with that? There is the obvious factor-- latency, but why would latency only affect uploads?

For completeness, I will ask the following questions as well; 1) "could I be operating the tests incorrectly?" 2) Is there something special about the Dallas mirror server? 3) Has this been seen before?


Every day is a fun day ! Thanks in advance to anyone able to assist.


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wrong name on the mirror server. was denver, supposed to have been Dallas
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On 1/3/2020 at 9:47 PM, spenceteeth said:

I run speed tests out of boredom I have seen all kinds of weird things across national and international tests. I wouldn't be concerned

Thanks SpenceTeeth. And I noticed CA3LE hit the "LIKE" button so I'm assuming ca3LE agrees with you. But dude(s), "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?" (Wizard of Oz) Really?

23-3/4 hours per day I totally agree with "not to worry." The devices on this local net are all running well. But for the 15 minutes per day that I'm thinking about this stuff-- the result is either 1) erroneous, or 2) it reveals an upload limitation beyond what I currently know about.

I suppose you could say, that's what I do "out of boredom." :-) But, that would not quite be true.

On 1/3/2020 at 9:47 PM, spenceteeth said:

Possible your ISP and test server for Dallas are one in the same.

That also raises several interesting questions. Beginning with, "what is the speed toll (if any) for packets handed off from one ISP to another?" 

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Got it.

Equinix, naturally.


As it turns out, there is a difference in both upload and download speed when selecting different mirrors.

I had to run a LOT of tests to see it, but I withdraw my question.


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false premise. dumb ass reading the results --
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