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Hi new member Christine here and I have a question....im using the Wi-Fi from the Mexican grocery downstairs (with their permission lol) and some days it works great and some days I spend all day trying to get and keep a signal. Any suggestions for a better faster more reliable connection?

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There are two options:


Option 1 - Mesh Wi-Fi kit (simple to set up, but requires connecting one unit to their router)

If the Grocery store is OK with connecting a unit to their router, get a 2 piece Mesh Wi-Fi kit (e.g. Tenda Nova MW6-2) and connect the main Mesh Wi-Fi box to a LAN port of their router.  Follow the steps in the Mesh Wi-Fi kit user guide to configure it.  Then plug in the second unit in your flat.  You should now have a good strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your flat.


Option 2 - Get a WISP router and a mesh Wi-Fi router (Nothing needs to be connected to the shop's router)

Get a travel Wi-Fi router such as the TP-Link AC750 and a single mesh Wi-Fi unit such as a Tenda Nova MW3-1 add-on unit. Use an App such as Wi-Fi Analyzer to find where the Wi-Fi signal is at its strongest and place the WISP router in this location.  Then configure it to connect to the shop's Wi-Fi.  This effectively converts the Wi-Fi to an Ethernet connection. 


Connect an Ethernet cable between the WISP router and the Internet port of the mesh unit.  Follow the user guide provided with the mesh unit to configure it and this will provide a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your flat. 

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