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Linux distros question


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I am a complete newbie to Linux. I am taking the Google IT Professional course and part of it (a big part) is Linux OS system administration, networking and troubleshooting. The course instructors from Google are using Ubuntu exclusively.

I have read somewhere that in general Ubuntu is not liked as much as other distros. Is that an accurate observation? And if so, why? What about the workplace? Which distro is most common?

I have to say, that I really enjoy learning Linux. Just curios about the other distros, since I have not worked with them. Thanks for all your input.

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What did you think of the Google course? I just took the Linux + Beta a couple weeks ago and I'm still waiting on the results.

I really don't have much experience other than I have a desktop running Ubuntu that I use periodically, and a Kali virtual machine I run on my laptop. My understanding is that to a Windows users, Ubuntu is easier to learn than other Linux flavors. More user friendly. A seasoned Linux administrator knows what they need from their OS and chooses a distribution based off their preferences. 

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