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Hello everyone.


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Hi Reneehere,

Welcome to TestMyNet. Sorry you have not received any responses to your request for Help. I am not one of the gurus who can help you. The ones who can, I suspect, are swamped with all kinds of request.  Hang in there, read some of posts and you might find some answers to others who have similar problems.


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Going by reneehere's ISP Hughes in the test results, unfortunately there is little that can be done to improve the speed.  Hughes and other satellite based Internet providers (except Starlink) are heavily oversubscribed in many areas and barely fit for purpose despite their heavily exaggerated advertising.  The only workaround would be to either change ISP (if out of contract) or schedule downloads such as overnight to use the following day, e.g. pick Netflix titles to download overnight, so they play the following day.


If there is no wired ISP available (e.g. DSL, cable, etc), I suggest checking if 4G LTE is available.  There a thread here where someone managed to switch from Huges to T-Mobile LTE.  I wouldn't be too concerned about 5G as rural 5G often uses narrow long range bands that perform no better, if not worse than 4G.  Starlink is another option worth considering if you can afford it.  Starlink uses low earth orbit satellites, so has far fewer subscribers per cell (radius of about 15 miles) than other satellite ISPs where there may be thousands crammed into spot beams with a radius of about 80 miles.

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