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Slow Upload Speed


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I have the Centurytel DSL 768/256. Using the westell modem that they supplied with my service. On all my down load tests I am getting about 650. But on my upload test I am getting about 30. Any ideas of what could be causing the slow upload. Centurytel has not been very helpful about this.

My system. XP SP2.

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centurytel sucks, get rid of em if u can.  Thats who my phone company is here, and hate them with a passion.  They offer 512/256 for 49.95 a month, if u want more, u can pay 189 a month for 1.5/512.  Now to me, that sounds like a rip.  I get 4/384 from  adelphia for 42.95.  So, i did the smart thing, and got rid of them, i now have a packet8 phone(19.95/month and no long distance) and no attachments to my local Ma Bell, and i love it.  I hope CenturyTel goes down in flames...BURN BABY BURN!!!

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