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hard drive question


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hi everyone

i just noticed that my hard drive is a 5400 RPM!!  whhats the diffrence between that and a 7200 RPM.  do i need to upgrade it?

also i use a celeron 2.9ghz which the computer is only 2 months old and my wife uses a AMD athalon at work and is about 5 months old both are HP computers, and she swears mine is faster than hers. we both have 512mb of memory but her's is a 2.0ghz. i always thought AMD were faster than any Celeron. any ideas to help me understand all of this??  thank you so much everyone :D

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Uh...  The difference is...  7200RPM is faster than 5400RPM.  You don't have to upgrade it if you don't notice any sluggishness.

And AMD's are better for gaming, despite the lower clockspeed.  They use a rating system, whereas Intel uses the actual clockspeed to name the CPUs.  For example, my 3500+ Athlon 64 is about on par with a 3.5GHZ INtel, even though it crushes it in gaming and costs about half the price.

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