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Need Help With Wireless Network


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The signal strength at the other computers are pretty low - one computer shows a typical strength of 2 out of 5 bars (@ 108 Mbps) and the other shows a typical strength of 3 out of 5 bars (@ 108 Mbps) - They are located at the other side of the house and have to pass through about 3 walls. 

The DI-624 is a wireless router connected to the main computer.  I have a wired router that came free with the FIOS, but we opted to use the wireless router instead.  The wired router is not connected to anything - it's still in its box.

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I only have SP2 on the main computer.  Would it help if I put SP2 on the other 2 comps?  I had no idea about the "range extender".  I'll have to look into that.  Will the Super G router be able to send a better signal to the other computers or should I look for more powerful adapters to pick up the signal? 

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Turns out you were right on the nose, Halo - turns out WinXP was choosing the connection.  This is how I found out.

I went to BestBuy to purchase a range expander, but the tech talked me out of it and said I should get an access point.  Soooo, I brought it home to install it and found out part of the problem.  It wasn't recognizing the router.  The connection I was getting was through the computer's net adapter, NOT the DI-624.  So after spending an hour on the phone going through the configuration process with the VERY patient Verizon tech, we got the main computer to connect through the D-Link.  We had to upgrade the Firmware and reset the device.  I was left to network the other computers myself.  Using the Access Point (which gives an "Very Good" signal - 4/5 bars), I can now get this speed on the kids' computers::

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 6790 Kbps about 6.8 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB)

Download Speed is:: 829 kB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Test Time:: Wed Apr 13 2005 18:39:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Bottom Line:: 121X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.24 sec

Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 158.27 % faster than the average for host (verizon.net)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-3452SYO6Z

Which is not bad.  I get almost a full 15 Mbps on the main computer.  Turns out the kids' computers were getting their signal through some wireless connection in the neighborhood - not through our router.  Which is the reason I went through the steps to secure our connection.  Only problem I am having now is that on the kids' computers, the connection gets lost and we constantly have to click on the "available wireless connection" and connect again.  B ut, at least we're getting somewhere now. 

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An access point when connected to the DI-624 may improve your signal strength and quality on your wireless but when used as a repeater  it will reduce your bandwidth by up to half...which it sounds like it's doing. I'd return it and get one of the directional antennas.....you won't lose bandwidth that way. I went through the same process....ending up returning the AP and buying the DWL-M60AT. My signal strength went from 40 to 68 and I get 13Mbs download on both wireless computers.

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Whoa!  Today I tried several things:

(1)  I bought the DI-624M Super G MIMO - installed it and it tested at 13.5 on the main computer.  The signal strength was "low", but check this out - it tested at 18.6 on one of the "adapter" computers.  However, the other tested at 6.5.  So, then I tried this:

(2)  Hooked back up the Linksys AP - had nothing but problems with it.  Couldn't even get the two "adapter" computers to connect to the internet.  So I tried this:

(3) I had also purchased the DWL-G710 Wireless Range Extender and hooked that up.  The signal strength was at "Excellent" for both "adapter" computers.  Connection was made with speed tests of 6.4 on the previous 18.6 "adapter" computer and a 2.6 on the other "adapter" computer.  Didn't affect the main computer.  So I tried this:

(4)  Hooked up the DWLM60AT Antenna - got a "good" connection, but the speed tests were 9.8 on the previous 18.6 "adapter" computer and 4.2 on the other "adapter" computer. 

So, I decided to just stick with the DI-624M and keep the computers at a good speed, even though the signal strength is only at "Low".  They weren't constantly disconnecting like before with the DI-624, so that's enough improvement.  I'd rather have the high speed and low signal than the low speed and high signal.  Does that sound rational?  I just can't believe that 18.6 speed (using the Verizon site)  I'll try it again at this site and post if it comes back that high again. 

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DigitalBoost...I have seen your other post and have no idea how all your hardware is configured..but it sounds to me you have way too many routers of different species connected together. One thing I have found out about Dlink is that they can be finicky when mixed with other equipment such as Linksys. Generally, if your connecting 2 routers together via hardwire you need to do it with a crossover cable not the straight thru cable. They also need to connected thru the LAN ports not the WAN. If your connecting a wireless router to another wireless router or access point wirelessly then you are using them as a repeater. I dont recommend that as the bandwidth is appreciably diminished. With 15Mbs speeds on FIOS all of your "in the loop" hardware have to be optimized. Mixing B with G may be reducing your speeds more than half as you suggested. I have all extreme G Dlink hardware capable of 108Mbs. My laptop has a DWL-G650 card and my desktop has a DWL-G520 PCI adapter. The desktop is enclosed in a cabinet upstairs and has 3 walls between it and the DI-624 router. I added a directional extender anntena to it and can now get 13Mbs speeds.

I'd sugeest you take the Dlink router out of the system and try everything with your Linksys hardware...get Linksys on the phone to help you out. If you can't get it all up the way you want it then trash the Linksys and go Dlink with all of it. Their support people will help you make the harware selection. I would also try to use directional antennas where you are using routers to extend range. They provide more strength than the omni-directional ones.

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Fixme....Sounds like your getting closer. Try putting the antenna on the computer that you are getting the low speeds. Adjust its position with the software to obtain the optimum signal strength. I'm assuming when you say adapter you mean a pci card. Just unscrew the exsisting antenna and put the new one on. Place it as high as you can. 18Mbs sounds high for wireless try using the tests on this site. I think verizon kicks in a few Mbs to make you feel good.

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welcome to the forum :hello:

is the main computer wired to the router by any chance?

i usually have the same problem and yes, the main computer is WIRED to the router. However, when i get a slower connection on it, I reset the router by disconnecting the power cable for like 30secs and then plug it back in, and the computer gets the full connection again.

Could i just ask, y does it do this?

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