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  1. So, yeah. There have been so many people folding that it's really hard to get work units. I suppose that's a good problem? If you leave it running, you'll get something occasionally. The retry algorithm backs off exponentially, so it can take a while. This is a pretty common sight:
  2. I managed to play something.. lol http://goo.gl/doodle/QHoLW
  3. There's a couple ways you can do it.. you can run a separate folder and service for each core, or get a SMP version of the F@H client (which I would recommend).. see http://folding.stanford.edu/English/DownloadWinOther
  4. You would need to use the command line tool bcdedit.exe here's a quick guide I found on using it.. http://www.vistaforums.com/FORUM/Topic587-9-1.aspx
  5. Looks to me like your IP address was banned from the forum..
  6. You would be better off connecting both computers to a router. The speed would probably be higher too.
  7. depending on the keyboard, it should work.. i've had some wireless keyboards that work on boot and others that require specific drivers..
  8. If you go into the BIOS, somewhere you should be able to disable the floppy drive. The computer is prolly searching for a floppy drive and giving you an error because it can't find one..
  9. What prompt is it asking you to press F1 for?
  10. The DNS service automatically stores queries in a cache and updates them as necessary.. Setting up another pc with dnsmasq just adds another layer of caching. Kinda like having a computer dedicated to looking up ip addresses. Unless you have a connection with really high latency, I don't think you'll notice much of a difference though. Especially if you regularly visit new sites
  11. I suspect you occasionally are provisioned with the IP address of a banned member.. if you could send me your IP address when/if it occurs again I could probably tell you more
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