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Opening Internet browser problem ....

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yes I know your problem, Comcast is having Nation wide DNS server issues. Just change you DNS sever and everything will be fine.

FOR WINDOWS XP, 2000, and 2003 ONLY

(credit goes to CajunTek)

For other options and for information for those that don't know how to change dns servers.. Here's some info on how..(excerpts from dslreports)

Q: How do I change what DNS server my computer uses? (#8164)

A: Note: Instructions below are for Windows 2000, XP and 2003 users only. For a complete set of instructions for multiple operating systems, including screenshots, please visit the ORSC website. Additionally, if you are behind a router, you may have to change DNS settings using the router configuration utility. Please consult your user manual.

To change DNS servers:

o Right click on the My Network Places icon on the desktop and select Properties. (If the icon is not available, go to Start menu | My Computer | My Network Places | View Network Connections.)

o Locate the network connection that is associated with your Internet connection. This may be labeled something like "Local Area Connection." If you have more than one connection to choose from, be sure you determine the right one before proceeding.

o Right click on the appropriate connection and select Properties.

o In the list that appears under the General tab, double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

o In the window that appears, you want to select the option to Use the following DNS server addresses...

At this point you will want to enter at least one of your personal preferred DNS servers. There are a number of public servers suggested by members of the Comcast forum; simply do a search for 'DNS' and you should get adequate results. You can also check out this list compiled by jdmatl See Profile.

o Press Ok out of all windows until you are back to the Network Connections window. You can now open your web browser and browse to a website to see if it connects faster.

and here's some servers

Verizon (Level3) Nameservers

SpeakEasy Nameservers

ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

Sprintlink General DNS


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