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  1. set ur upload around15-20kb/s any higher will kill ur dl speed
  2. looks like you have a nat error and try using a faster client like utorrent or at least azureus, plus theres only 2 seeders
  3. you only can if the avi had two audio channels with a different language you want
  4. I just picked up a cheap non-brand for $40 and its working perfect!...does brand really matter?
  5. yeah make sure your not getting and nat errors, I'm using utorrent, it a little better than azureus becuase it uses less resources. btw you wont get any or very few fast speeds on public trackers even though theres a lot of seeders like on piratebay
  6. If I download on private trackers (the "good" ones) I get my max download speed or close. around 750-800kb/s
  7. what a dumbass comcast aint fios...omg!
  8. I have a Seagate 300 gig all filled up with Movies, Season Episodes, and Xbox Games.
  9. this is my exact point. you cant perform these actions (Right click -> Properties on folder) when not in a folder and just in X: or what ever, I only could change it when I'm actually in a folder.
  10. How do I change the folder type of my partition. When go to the main directory, D: it thinks its a music folder and on the top it says "Music Tasks, Play all" with a music icon on the bottom right, how do I change it to the orginal file type. I know how to change the folder type of folders (Right Click>Properties>Customize) but not on the whole partition. http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/2871/untitled5ev.jpg
  11. yeah I tested it out just now its great, I didnt know I could have done this with my video card
  12. OMG!! Thanks alot This thing is cool
  13. When enable the TV on the display properties and I view my desktop on the TV, it gets cutoff as if my desktop is too large for the tv. When I move my mouse around the corners of the tv my desktop moves and I can see the section thats cutoff. Is there some settings that I need to change so my whole desktop can fit on the tv all at once. The only way I can view my whole desktop all at once on the tv without it going off the screen is if I put my resoultion all the way to 800x600 or 1024X768 but when I go back to 1280x1024 my complete desktop doesnt show up on the tv. btw my video is ati 9000 64mb, (I know its crappy... )
  14. What is the best way to split my cable line to my cable modem and 3 TVs with the least amount of signal lost on the cable modem? And for the spitter, is more Mhz better?? Whats the best brand? I currently have a 3 way splitter and is says 900Mhz.
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