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AMC9 Is this the newest?


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I am trying to get Dway installed and I am supposed to be locking in on AMC9.  Is this the newest satellite?  It seems a bit of an odd angle to me.  I'm on the Utah/Nevada border.  I am wondering if this is my best option.  Any ideas?  I am currently enjoying a connection speed of 16.8Kbps with my dial up service.  I have a DW6000 system needing installed.

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AMC-9 is a new satallite for Direcway to use,  but it is not a "new" satellite.  Apparently it has some open channel bandwidth that Direcway has purchased.  It is quite low in the sky, so some locations will have problems getting to it.  It has an elevation angle of 30 degrees here on the West coast.  Very hard to not have obstructions with that low an angle.  They were going to put me on it as well, but we could not get to it.  Should work fine if you are locked on to it. 

By the way, there are some who will swear AMC 9 is not used by direcway,.  Once again, they are wrong.  Good luck, have fun!

Jim P

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