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slow adelphia in florida


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have adelphia in jupiter florida....they told me of a cheaper service at $24.95 instead of 42.95 with my own modem...these cable providders are playing games....my last speed test said I was getting 1 X dialup....what they did was turn down the bandwidth(probably to get us to get the $42.95....service.....cable repair guy was here got well over 2300 kbps but I get 5x dialup or 9.85% of adelphia average....

Is there another reasonable broadband service I could switch to in jupiter florida?

they actually told me that I was lowest decibel output in my area

I went out hooked up a Motorolla sb5100...got 5 x dialup...then tech at adelphia turned up the bandwidth and both modems got 90% of adelphia average around 2300 kbps

If you pay 58% of the regular service ....shouldn't you get 58% of 2200 kbps?

those clowns at adelphia never told me it would be this slow

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Guest helloimtim

First I would check your local yellow pages. Also some of the big boys carry dsl like viriozon and at&t, Yahoo carries it as well. Forsure do some major shopping around. With cable your speeds will never really be the same becaue you will share with cable connecton with other users. With dsl general speaking is more secure and mostly the same speeds. Just a thought. Unless you need insane speeds for gameing and or other important things dsl which I have is not that bad. Just offering you another option to consider. Weclome...

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