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Wild Blue

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Hey all.  Just stumbled across these forums the other day.  Kinda cool to find some folks suffering under similar circumstances.  ;)  Anywho... First post... here goes:

I'm on Dway and... yeah... It blows.  As most of you.... it's my only solution.  Well, I'm never satisfied with medeocre, and I'm always on the hunt for better and best.  In my quest, I found this service:


They are a satellite provider with a great deal faster service and MUCH better price than anything I've found yet.  Here's what they offer.  Hope this stays in some form resembling a table.  If not... forgive me.  I don't feel much like making a table.  :)

Monthly price    Download Speed    Upload Speed    FAP restriction (DL)    FAP Restriction (UL)

$49.95                          512 K                      128                    10000 Megs/mo        3000/mo

$69.95                          1.0 Meg                  200                    16000/mo                  4000/mo

$79.95                          1.5 Meg                  256                    22000/mo                  6000/mo

You'll notice that the FAP is on a MONTHLY basis.  They also publish your cunsumption so that you can see where you're at.  Here's the page specifically on the FAP:


This service looks to be WAY better than DirecWay by a LONGSHOT.  The equipment costs about $300 and installation is $179 - with specials available.  I'm going to continue looking at what you guys say about service changes, but I'm really leaning towards this service.  It looks better than starband too.  They also claim latency of only 1/4 of a sec.  Don't know if that's true or not.

I'm an avid online gamer, and I CRAVE speed.  Hopefully this could be a solution.  What are your thoughts?

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I saw that, and if the speeds are true I'll be very mad. It's not availabe in my area yet tho. I just wish Dway would measure bandwidth monthly, instead of the gay 'Free Acess Policy'. You have free access, unless you plan on using the internet to download anything bigger than iTunes.  :angry5: Can't even download a damn game patch without getting FAPed. ><

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