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  1. I'm guessing thats a DSL provider since the max speed is up to 2Mbps(not 2.3). It could be the distance to the exchange thats causing it to not achieve full speed. Possibly older lines in your house. Its hard to tell. Your line speeds decent but could be better.
  2. 510 a month isnt bad actually for a T1.... but heres what you do. you write it off on your taxes by saying its for work related use.
  3. to those wondering what their cable modem is synced at go to the website below and check it out, make sure modem is directly connected, i cant mine to work for some reason, but I think that the cap is 4451/450 but dont quote me on that DocsDiag: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robin.d.h.walker/docsdiag/
  4. i watched him lick the antenna and i turned it off, wow......
  5. a real man of genius.... ow, seriously i am a real man of genius..... ouch! damnit, i love being a guy.....crap, my nose just broke the monitor......
  6. yea he was a wrestler, and you may think the sport is gay but for gods sake, someone died. i dont care if your a professional male cheerleader i would be sad if you died.
  7. heard rumors of anothe upgrade to like 10/1 or something.... cant verify anything htough.
  8. your ISP offer 10GB of data a month, the fastest you'll see is 2Mbps
  9. Hello..... .... this site makes you feel like that when you first start here....
  10. whats standard DSL? lol, SDSL means Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line..... which is business class, the standard dsl would most likely be determined as ADSL which mean Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line.....
  11. truth to tell they haven't updated that in a fairly long time actually...still funny though
  12. Very true.... except of course the RIAA....
  13. Last year in 10th grade english we watched Schindlers List.....Yes that was in English class. It was because we had to read the book Alicia: My Story. If anyone wants a very good first hand account at what happened to Jewish people during WWII read that book.... I've read it multiple times since last year and it still moves me. Oh and yes, that episode is very moving, probably one of the best ones.
  14. DSL is dependant on way too many things to insure close to advertised speeds(line length, wiring condition, length of phone line in house, all that happy horse sh*t), ill take my cable line over DSL anyday.
  15. bellsouth is very very very good at keeping customers loop length from a DSLAM to a minimum. I think I read 80% of their customers would be able to get Xtreme 6.0 or something like 80% are 8,000 Feet or closer to the DSLAM. I read that somewhere, maybe it was on BBR.... i dont remember lol.
  16. ya wont get very far deleting those... off the top of my head I know svchost and spoolsv are both printer services.... explorer is well, the explorer(task bar etc...) rundll is a critical DLL needed(if there is a problem most AV's can clean this file.), so dont look to delete those all lol.
  17. the testmy servers are run off of multiple gigabit connections I believe, but anyway. Yes those speeds are sick, T3/DS3 speeds for only about what? id say no more than $100/month. Yet, it is cable and a publically shared line so it will suffer from all of the things that plague it already. PLUS it is from OOL meaning the infamous phantom caps.....
  18. if you open 3 clients, connect to the same server and all 3 download at 500Kb/s then the server has its FTP speed throttled so as to now let one person hog it all.
  19. now see.... i got yelled at for posting that link
  20. Try testing with internet explorer(i know, it sounds really bad) or opera or some other browser and see if it hangs up there too. It could be a glitch in firefox(gasp!) but then again, I am not too sure.
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