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  1. how is he getting our hopes up.... It is kind of known that Bellsouth is upgrading.... just when and the price aren't totally confirmed yet. But I believe dlewis in this one, the upgrade will be during the month of october and the price will be around 43-44 dollars a month.
  2. there is a 'modify' button for a reason, just for future reference.
  3. i can get over 560kB/s(yes kB/s) during off peak hours. and thats from just about any site so i dont know of any sites that cap a user to just 500kB/s
  4. http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-2097.0
  5. oh i messed up That was for Comcast standard the premier will be: 100Mbps/896k god forbid if they give us a meg of upload.
  6. Telewest in 2007; 100Mbps symmetrical for i think its about 80-90 a month(?) Comcast in 2007: 50/512 for about 50 a month. My guess
  7. Hey unpfhorgiven. Welcome to testmy.net! It looks as if your line is capped at 768 on the download. Post an upload and see what that is. But if I'm right about the being capped at 768 then your running at ~94% of what you should be getting. Never go by your hosts percentage especially if your ISP is Verizon. Because verizon FiOS and VOL all (for the most part) have the verizon.net host name all results get mixed into one and the people with the 15/2 and/or the 30/5 FiOS package it makes the hosts average go up. Even on a 3 meg DSL line running @ 2.8Mbps its only around 80% of hsots average.
  8. the standard 4 meg service is now 6 meg service with the upload still capped @ 384
  9. looks good, with 25 computers on at the same time those speeds are good and I understand the upload capping.
  10. well over your cap , very good job, i remember getting 10kB/s on a download from kazaa..
  11. same here, one of the best and most educational NOT to do/say sites was blocked. I won't post it here but if anyone wants it PM me.
  12. say you would pay 42.95 if you didnt take this deal. 300 a month translates into almost 7 months of service at that price. you would be better off trying to get a 30/month for 6 months because its cheaper.
  13. the beast ones? www.danasoft.com the User ones... not to sure, do a forum search on User Sigs, there should be a link to the site where you can get them.
  14. tbaker397


    i would be too, that sucks
  15. little fella... hes kinda cute, in a dead, deranged psychotic way.
  16. i have like 12 accounts with 50 invites on them each, so... anyone wants one PM me your email addy
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