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  1. Ya need to select India instead of United States:wink2:
  2. yea, any tips on improving battery life on laptops? I ask because we bought my mom a wonderful (I mean dual-core, 1 gig ram, widescreen, wireless...etc...) laptop for Christmas and the battery life is terrible... So any tips?
  3. This is on this "Holidays in Dementia" Dr. Demento CD as well lol...never gets old
  4. http://officelive.microsoft.com/WebHosting.aspx Free everything, including domain name Ohh Microsoft, as much as I hate you, I love you!
  5. ok, the guy is buying it for me, and I'll let ya guys know when I get it
  6. How about I trade it for a V3x then? :D I have a way to, the guy is looking into it right now
  7. I'm on Cingular currently...I'm kinda wondering though, cause it's not my time to upgrade yet (still got a year on this phone, and as long as Cingular doesn't find out about any of the hacks I've done to it I still have a warrenty for about 4 months lol) and I really want a Moto for modding...I mean, I love these things, they are such great phones and they're beautiful as well And really, what other brand phone can you change the outer screen to say -=MOD THIS=- on when the phone is open so people (@ school mostly) who have the same model do a kinda "how he do dat?!" It's funny, to say the least hahaa
  8. Welllll..... So, I went to Start-Run-services.msc. From there I unchecked the one that had something to do with Media Center, it was under the M's, I believe. Closed that. Start-Run-msconfig. Startup tab-unchecked ehshell.exe (is that right?) sorry, not @ home right now..but anyway, basically, since I have very little in startup, it was easy to find and take out the Media Center related one. Dialog box: "You gotta restart now, dogg" Restarted.. Started up Sony Vegas 6.0, went to capture and (since I had nothing plugged into the card) it said preview is turned off in the video preview pane. YAY!!!! The thing here is that it didn't immediatly (in fact, it never did) say "Can't open Hauppaugue WinTV PVR PCI II because it is in use by another program or is turned off"..so that seems to have fixed the problem... Tho...I could still try and get a better card from my mom :haha: I'll grab out the camcorder @ some point and test it...life is kinda really busy atm, school started today (I'm a Sophmore in h.s.) and being as I'm in IB it's even more hectic, even in the first few days, and there's only more to come. Everyone wish me luck in pre-cal please
  9. Yea, that's what I'm thinking as well...the 635 is way more modable lol
  10. Well, the thing here is that it would be a trade with someone, so I would be gaining a lot, at least thats what I think, and I do use data a lot on my current v557, so I might have to... But, for that matter, I could just trade the guy for a v635 and stick iTunes on it lol
  11. Im wondering, I have the oppurtunity to trade my Motorola v557 cell phone for a Mpx220 Smartphone...wondering, should I?
  12. @cholla: thx, I'll check those out right now and @php: you mean go into services.msc and disable all that ehmsas and all that crap, correct? basically anything that is a dirrivate of the word "ehome" lol
  13. Yea, I know but it's what came with the computer lol
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