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Full Duplex or Half,10mbps or 100?

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Ok here is what it does...

The easiest way to explain it is to use the telephone and a walke talke... Whey you are on the phone and you and the person you are talking to say something you both hear it... So you are able to send and receive at the same time... This would be full Duplex

On the other hand you have walke talkes... Only one person can talk at a time.. this would be half duplex....

the 10/100 thing is the speed at which the network runs at... 10mbs or 100 mbs... Most of the equipment that you can buy now is 10/100 compatible... Meaning that if you plug in a 10mbs device that area of the network will be slowed down to 10mbs... even if the network is able to run at 100mbs... Most of the time you will see Hubs, stupid devices, running at 10mbs... We now have 10/100/1000 standards.. what you want to avoid doing is mixing 10mbs with 1000mbs or the other way around.. this creates a bottleneck and that leads to slow network proformance... The thing that I have setup at my home in Illinois, I am at Purdue University right now..., is to seperate my wireless and ethernet based networks to eliminate the slow down that occures with the wireless... Wireless only get about 25-35mbs of true speed on a 54g system... With this bottle neck avoided I dont have to worry about my ethernet connection taking a hit because I am also using that router for my ethernet stuff...

So I guess I got on a tangant... but here is a quick summary... lol Full vs Half duplex depends on whether it can send AND receive data at the same time.... 10/100/1000 is the speed at which the network operates at... The higher the better... but also the more expensive... :cry: Hope that helps!! Seems like some people are setting up some networks around here... A router/switch/hub qestion and now this.. Very cool! have fun!

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I have seen some wierd crap in my time... I havent been doing networking stuff all that much but I have seen some people try and "maximize" their connection with screwing with the properties... This lead to a really slow and poor connection... :roll: I believe that by default it should be set to "auto" meaning that the properties will be detected to maximize you nic for you... However, I do beileve that on of the 3com nic by default wouldnt go into 100 full duplex mode with out an updated driver... One really good reason to update your drivers about 1 or so months after the driver is made available...

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I run 10 Mbps full duplex, in autosence my NIC choose 100 Mbps halfduplex for some reason....

I tested to run at 100 Mbps full duplex but then i got hevy packetloss at my upload. My speed was like 5 Mbps upsteam :(

So i set it to 10 Mbps full and my upload speed got up to 9.5 Mbps and no packetloss.

I belive all has to try what best for them.

VanBuren :)

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So should I put it on Auto?... Because I had it on 10mbps half duplex before I changed it to 100mbps Full Duplex...

Try using 100 Mbps half duplex, almost all dsl and cable connections are halfduplex, so you will never have any advantage of setting it to full duplex.

The only dsl i know using full duplex is vdsl with same upload cap as download.

Im not 100% sure of this but give it a try, if your speed gets faster in full duplex then use it but i really daubt it.

VanBuren :)

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