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slow testmy.net web browsing/page loading


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I have had some very slow loading of the testmy.net web pages lately but it seems to be ISP related but I am not sure.

I use Verizon and have access to MSN and AOL.  Under a browser in AOL, testmy.net loads very fast.  Under all  combination of MSN or IE or FF browsers the page load very slow and I can see a long pause while trying to load page2ad.googlesyndication.com.

Also under FF the page www.testmy.net times out while plain testmy.net eventually loads but is VERY slow.

All this makes testmy.net pretty much unusable for me.  Any ideas why the discrepancies under various ISP's and browser combinations?

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Welcome to the forum ptalt :hello:

Thats a bit strange... the pages load almost instantly for me in every browser I've tried...

edit: I just had a thought... AOL might have "optimized" (heh) your computer's settings for its own benefit, and in doing so messed up the other browsers...

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Just to close this thread I found a link to 'pagead2.googlesyndication.com' in my hosts file.  The web address was out of date so it kept looking for the goggle adds to load into the testmy.net web page but could not resolve the address. 

AOL must not check the hosts file before loading web pages hence attempting to load testmy.net under AOL worked fine.

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