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Direcway, Electronics Express and the bogus $49 install


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Though I'm not exactly new to the forum, this is my first post... I been skulking in the shadows learning all I can

about the ONLY high speed internet connection available to me as I live in the sierra foothills...

I recently sign up for Direcway thru a website that has the company name electronics express, but the website

url would seem to indicate that they are a subdivision of direcway... www.direcway.bz

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i'm  glad im not the only one who had a problem with electronics express... did they hit you with the $150 pole mount because none of YOUR poles were good enough, blah blah blah.. THEN almost $200 from direcway for activation and 1st month... it cost me over $400 for my "$49.99 satellite connection"!!!  :angry5: it took 8 phone calls and finally threats to call my bank and report them for credit card fraud before i got a call back from electronics express!  :evil6: and THEN... the radio went out in my dish after 3 days.... took them a week to get someone out here to fix it  :evil3: and THEN it worked for 3 days before having problems again.. so in the 14 days i have had my direcway (installed on 6/18/05) i have been able to use it for about 5 of those days. tech support leaves a lot to be desired from direcway also, just found a fix here and am running better than ever! i'm glad i waited til i saw how good this was before i affilliated them to my sites. thanks for all the help in here too... NOW... if i could just get someone to help me figure out why i can load a chatroom from www.home.bellsouth.net using my sun java j2sdk v1.4.2_06 i would be a happy camper! every time it connects to the chat applet, i get a "disconnected from chat" message on the screen. BLAHHH!! oh well.... enough ranting... thanks again for the help and support, keep up the good work and everyone have a happy and safe holiday!! 

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