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Please help me tweak with Cablenut and Optimum Online


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Log created by AutoCheck.bat on Tue 07/12/2005

Pinging testmy.net [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=58ms TTL=50

Reply from bytes=32 time=54ms TTL=50

Reply from bytes=32 time=53ms TTL=50

Reply from bytes=32 time=54ms TTL=50

Ping statistics for

    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

    Minimum = 53ms, Maximum = 58ms, Average = 54ms

Ping Complete.

Tracing route to testmy.net []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    17 ms    9 ms    9 ms

  2    10 ms    11 ms    42 ms  dstswr1-vlan-2.rh.nantny.cv.net []

  3    15 ms    9 ms    15 ms  r1-ge11-0.mhe.prnynj.cv.net []

  4    18 ms    21 ms    19 ms  r2-srp13-0.wan.prnynj.cv.net []

  5    10 ms    20 ms    22 ms  r2-srp1-0.in.nycmny83.cv.net []

  6    49 ms    20 ms    33 ms

  7    *        *        *    Request timed out.

  8    29 ms    18 ms    19 ms  so-4-0-0.mpr2.iad2.us.above.net []

  9    28 ms    31 ms    25 ms  so-4-0-0.mpr1.iad1.us.above.net []

10    29 ms    45 ms    22 ms  so-0-0-0.mpr2.iad1.us.above.net []

11    33 ms    22 ms    24 ms  so-1-0-0.cr2.dca2.us.above.net []

12    63 ms    45 ms    44 ms  so-2-2-0.cr2.dfw2.us.above.net []

13    62 ms    64 ms    55 ms []

14    56 ms    62 ms    51 ms  dist-vlan31.dsr3-2.dllstx3.theplanet.com []

15    64 ms    60 ms    55 ms  dist-vlan-42.dsr2-2.dllstx4.theplanet.com []

16    72 ms    55 ms    75 ms  gig1-0-2.tp-car9-1.dllstx4.theplanet.com []

17    56 ms    55 ms    57 ms  85.67-18-179.reverse.theplanet.com []

Trace complete.

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And finally, the signal from

Frequency 603000000 Hz Locked

Signal to Noise Ratio 37 dB

QAM 64

Network Access Control Object ON

Power Level -6 dBmV The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading 

Upstream  Value

Channel ID 4

Frequency 25008000 Hz Ranged

Ranging Service ID 1215

Symbol Rate 2.560 Msym/s

Power Level 47 dBmV 

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The Qam 64 should not matter.  Qam 64 is still very capable of 10Mbit.  I think Qam 64 does around 35Mbit or so If i am not mistaken.  Qam 256 only does a tad more than that at around 45Mbit I think.  Both should be very capable of a 10Mbit connection.  The Qam 64 would slow down those speeds if alot of users on the same node were trying to download lots of stuff at the time of your tests.  But out of all your speed tests it looks like that might not be the case.  Either way the issue IMO is not the Qam 64.  I am willing to bet their whole system is Qam 64.

To better explain what I said:

One node (using one 6MHz wide downstream channel) has a max downstream pipe thru the cable lines depending on what the Qam is set to.  If its Qam64 then the pipe would be around 35MBit/s or so shared by all users on that node.  If it is Qam256 then it would be around 45MBit/s or so shared by all users.  Not really that big of a difference.

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