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DVD Burning Help Needed

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and some free software that i recommend for DVD to DVD are.

I myself when I do my process of DVD to DVD is use DVD Shrink

and when I back up the files I have it backed up into a ISO and then

I use DVD Decrypter to burn the ISO to my DVD+R.

DVD decrypter works much better in my opinion by far over nero.

and DVDFab Decrypter copies you're DVD with great quality

and with all the menu's and subs.

DVD Shrink

DVDFab Decrypter

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I don't mean to be stupid... :lol:How do I use decrypter to burn a DVD. I already used DVD shrink and now I'm ready to use the decryptor. Thanks for your help all.

When you back-up the movie with DVDShrink it asks if you'd like to have the files put into a MOVIE Folder or into ISO or ISO and burn with DVD Decrypter.. Well you want to use the option that says ISO and burn with DVD Decrypter. when you use that option it is all automated. after it's finished backing up the movie dvdshrink will open DVD Decrypter for you and start to Burn the ISO as long as you have a DVD+R already in your Drive.

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Hey, if anybody out there knows how to get a dvd copied it would be greatly appreciated. I can compress it and put it on my harddrive. What I want is to be able to have them work like any real dvd in a dvd player. If you know of any free software that would be awesome. Thanks :D

Simply download magiciso and use it to create iso image from DVD. It works fine for me.


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