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VA Comcast issues gaming and Internet

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After much frustration with Verizon never being able to fix my provisioning I switched to Comcast about 3 or 4 months ago, thinking that with their better speeds I would have a better online experience gaming and surfing the web.

The web is fine (almost).  Speeds are good.  The only problem I have is frequent "Page not found" errors. This only seems to happen with certain web sites (mainly Yahoo, which I primarily use for searching, mail, and news).  Usually if I just refresh it comes up right away.

The second and more annoying problem is terrible performance when gaming.  My 4.0/384 connection should be fine for Xbox Live but it is not.  90% of the time I have the worst lag/latency/ping when playing, even though my connection is as good as or better than many of the people I play with.  I should say used to play with, as I have given up since it has become unplayable.

Comcast has been called about 8 times, and all of those times but 2 they said there were no problems and nothing they could to do help.  Last week they said they saw some line issues and sent a tech to give me a dedicated line to my apartment.  The result?  No change.  I called today and the customer service representative said she saw some line problems and would send someone to boost my signal.  After explaining that had already been done I told her to forget it while I looked for other options.  However, 30 minutes later I changed my mind and called back and this time the rep said there were no problems and as such he could not send out a tech.  After 20 minutes of arguing and asking to speak with a supervisor he relented.  Still, I am positive this will not help anything.

Anywho, has anyone else in VA (or any area) experienced problems such as these?

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