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weird speed problem.


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Ok let me ask a question.  I just want to make sure I understand it correctly.  When you u/l at 5 (which is your max), you lose almost all of your down speed, right?  How about if you upload at only 4 Mbits out of the 5 max, do you still lose all your down?  If you do NOT, then it is most likely the fact that your u/l is saturating the d/l.  I have the 15/2 connection, and if I u/l at my absolute MAX, then my d/l will come to a crawl.  However, if I u/l at just under the max, the my d/l doesn't suffer.  This has to do with the ACKs that must be sent to the place you are d/l from.  This would in effect slow down everything, including web browsing, because the ACK packets either do not get through or get through very slowly (whenever the u/l gives it a chance, since it is being saturated).  Can you please u/l at your max, and then do a traceroute to www.testmy.net and post it here.  Also, u/l at only 4 at post a traceroute for then also.  And, post one traceroute when there is no u/l or d/l going on.  Lastly, where are you located, so we can factor that in.  Good Luck.


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One more thing.  Just as a point of reference.  When d/l at my FULL 15 Mbits, it requires 500 Kbits of u/l (just to send ACKs and whatever else for the full d/l).  So at 30 Mbits, you would probably require a full 1 Mbit to get the 30 d/l.  So even at u/l at 4, and wanting to get the full 30 is pushing it, because you don't really get all the way up to 5 Mbits anyways, probably more like 4.8 or so.  For example, I have never seen, my self included, anyone with 15/2 fios get 2.0 up on speed tests.  They pretty much get 1.8 or 1.9, but never 2.0.  If you u/l at about 3.5, I would think you should get 30 down no problem.  If you were to u/l at 4 I would think you should be able to get about 20 no problem.  If you u/l at 4.5, you would be pusing it to even get 15 down.  And at u/l of 5, you would get virtually nothing d/l.  If you want to see for your self the u/l speed needed when d/l at 15 or 30 down, just get a program like DU Meter or Net Medic, and look at it.  That is where I see my info.


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