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CPU speed/RAM and Internet speed


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Current config is 600MHz w/128RAM and High Speed DSL. Uploads are ok, but downloads suck.

Considering the purchase of a kickass system. Will I benefit with an updated system and my Internet speeds? Any help/advice or general knowledge about said stuff would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Guest helloimtim

Really need to know how bad your downloads are. What is the advertised speed and what are you getting. Adding ram may help a bit. Just need more info. Do you have a firewall, run tests for spyware and virus. Have you done that in safe mode? Have you tweaked your settings before? Just need more info please

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first off welcome to the forum!!

I am not sure you would see a difference in the internet speed in a new system.  It would be more likely that you would see the overall system speed improve there by making you think your internet is faster...  128mb of ram is not even close to what you need.  Most people are starting to move to 512mb for a minimum and 1 gb for the advanced user...  If you are looking to go with a new killer system go with an 64bit and PCI-E connections.  Otherwise you are just throwing money at something to get something else that is going to be useless in a few years...  A) 64bit games are coming and with programs starting to be written to use 64 bit there will be a performance increase.  B) PCI-E with eventually phase out AGP for good.. now this will take a while and some will argue that it never will happen.. but it will sooner or later.. ISA isnt around anymore..  :shock:  The other way of doing this is to get a retail system.. Again 64bit would be good just to have the extra power and reduce the overhead if you ever want to upgrade in the future.. What you have to be careful of with retail products is that most of the products ship with custom motherboards.. meaning that upgrades can be a pain in the ass.. If you spec something out let us know.. I am sure there is more than one person who would like to look at it..

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